Rockman.EXE: The Program of Light and Darkness

Yep. The one and only Megaman.exe movie.

Can anyone find a subbed version? I can't even find a full version... much less subbed...

Does anyone know anywhere?
That the one where Mega crosses with Forte to fight NebulaGray?

Or is this that real-world, spider robot smashing/messed up time travel thing? With lasers.
Last time I saw it it was on YouTube. Did you check there?
It's here somewhere.
And for god sake's just download BitLord!
Naa, naa, na naa, naa. I have a Japanese friend that got that movie in Japan while visiting his grandpappy and grandmomma. It's normally in raw, but he showed me how to turn on English subtitles, so now I have the full movie on mah huuuge TV with English subtitles! Eat your heart out.

Yes, I did just post that to make you jealous.

Oh, and the correct name is "Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no PROGRAM."
I know this is blasphemy, but I didn't really think it was that good.
I like the scene when rockman and forte fused together and pwned nebula grey. But the best part is when Barryl(forgot his real spelling) destroy the spider-thing without cross fusion.
FCR is, any way you look at it, unstoppable. Hell, Nebula Grey doesn't even SCRATCH him!

<(REO's words comin' outta mah mouth.)>
I wish megaman just stayed like that though. Much better.
I've never used bittorrent, bitking, or bitANYTHING for that matter.

Anyone want to give me the "walkthrough for dummies"?
Click on a torrent.
It'll direct you to download Bit<whatever>
Download that.
Kill the crap out of the spyware that accompanies the Bit<whatever>, preferably with a McAfee Firewall or any firewall that is suped-up.
Then click on the torrent again and you'll figure out the rest from there.