Hello everyone. My name is Zanallen, but you can call me Zan. I found this place while I was wandering the net and thought it looked pretty cool. It reminds me of a few other play-by-post RP sites that I used to frequent. Now, I am not entirely sure on how your system works, but I am sure I'll pick it up quickly. Nothing to it, but to do it, yeah? Hands on experience and all that. Anyway, I hope to get a character squared away soon so I can RP with ya'll.
Well howdy there, welcome to the site. Glad ya found us and hope you have lots of fun here.

If ya have any questions can always drop by the Chatroom and ask us directly, or private message any of the staff and we'll be happy to help!
Heya Zan, and welcome back.

It's been a few years since you were posting regularly here, by the look of things, and a few things may have been updated or modified, so feel free to take a squiz at the rules to catch yourself up!

Are you back to stay for a while? More activity is always welcome!
I've been meaning to get back into writing for a while now. Work and school though...Man. And yeah, I plan on making a quick run through of any potential rules changes before going to town. Figure I'll shelve either Wolfman or Durandal or both and start fresh with a single Navi/Op pair.
Well, one important update in relation to that, at lest, is that the shelf limit has been lifted. The rules are the same how how many active pairs you can have, but there's no longer a shelf limit for inactive pairs.
Hello, welcome back.