Titania/Oberon and Kazu

Legacy Items: HP+50x2 and Sigatks

Operator: Kazuhiro Sachio Ishihara
26 yrs old

Physical Description
A wiry young man in his mid-20s, with a distinctly foreign look to him. At first glance people describe him as a walking stick with black hair, but actually he is rather muscular, just small of stature. His eyes are a shade of brown to match the jet-black of his hair, which he always keeps cut fairly short lest it get completely out of control. He has lightly tanned skin, and his face is that of someone younger than he, with a small chin, raised cheekbones, and thin Asian eyes.

He's usually seen wearing black or mostly-black, with a little too many accessories for someone his age. Typical adornments to his outfit include an overly long wallet chain covered with presumably sentimental keychains, a studded belt, fingerless gloves, a ribbon around his left wrist, and a pair of dark sunglasses. Kazu operates his Navi from a laptop most of the time.

Kazuhiro speaks little, and with a Japanese accent, but is nevertheless excellent with words. This serves a double purpose: To make him very polite even to the point of being charming in most situations, and to give him a certain skill at slinging insults in the rest of them. If there's no one to interact with, or if there's no reason to interact with them, Kazuhiro is content to pull his PET out of his pocket and play with it. Often when he does this he isn't even doing anything useful. From when he was a little boy, Kazuhiro always played with electronics, and so he is naturally attracted to computer screens of all shapes and sizes.

PET Modifications
Kazuhiro's PET is a quite different design what with all the added ports and input/outputs, and has a sleek, polished exterior marking it clearly as an overseas model. It has been modified over the course of years and is now quite distinctive to him. He keeps battlechips in a small folder tucked away with his PET, his laptop, and a few other things in a large black messenger sack covered with buttons and other decorations that he carries with him at all times. It has been equipped to be a kind of companion to his laptop, and is capable of connecting to almost anything, either wirelessly or with one of many retractable jacks that Kazu carries with him.

Navi: Titania/Oberon
Female and male, respectively
Normal element
Normal subtype

A ghostly figure that solidifies into either a male or a female form whenever other Navis are nearby. When no one is around but their operator, they are an androgynous human figure without clothing, hair, or even clear facial features. This figure seldom speaks. Some believe that it is because it takes effort for the double soul to convey words when no one is around to give it a voice. Others, Kazuhiro among them, say that the figure keeps silent because of its sorrow-- that speaking in its strange double tongue reminds Titania and Oberon of when they would whisper their love in each other's ears. They have control over which one of them emerges, but this takes enough focus so that more often than not, the dominant shell simply speaks on the recessive one's behalf.

The only color on Titania's body is a brilliant, tear-shaped sapphire gem set in the center of her circlet that glimmers at certain times, catching her emotions like a jewel in the physical world catches sunlight. Oberon gave it to her, long ago. Sometimes, it catches his emotions, not hers. Her entire body looks to be made of something milky-white, and trails of vapor rise from her extremities, almost as if she is made of congealed smoke, forced into Titania's delicate feminine shape. Once, she had shimmering golden-blonde hair and eyes the color of the jewel adorning her forehead. Her chin and cheeks are still as slim and her brow is just as smooth and gentle as before, but now, the colors of her body and clothing are left to the imagination.

Titania's hair flows down to mid-back, parted away from her eyes by a circlet and fastened in a tight ponytail. She wears a tight tunic and gloves that overlap its sleeves. The right one is a bit more padded along the inner forearm, imitating real gloves worn by archers in order to protect their wrists from their bowstrings. She wears a thin sort of sleeveless cloth top like a poncho, and it drapes over her shoulders only slightly, falling down her front and back separately, tied just above her hips to accentuate her figure and to keep it out of her way. There is a symbol on it but even Kazuhiro has never really been able to see it. Finishing her outfit are a handmade pair of cloth pants and a thick, tough pair of boots.

Titania wields a grand, perfectly crafted bow that (now) looks to be made of the same material as the rest of her body. At one point it was a deep blue hue, covered with golden runes, but now it is a wash of white. It has plenty of space in which to nock multiple arrows (Titania, by the way, carries no quiver; she simply reaches behind her back and pulls arrows out of thin air.) The bow is always the exact right weight for her, which is to say a *lot* of weight. Evidence suggests that, when fresh, Titania, with minimal effort, can pull over 80 pounds.

The only color on Oberon's body is a flawless, tear-shaped sapphire set in his pendant that flashes from deep within at certain times, catching his emotions like a jewel in the physical world catches light. Titania gave it to him, long ago. Sometimes, it catches her emotions, not his.

Like Titania, the only definition on Oberon's figure is made by darkened areas of shadow where shadow would normally be. Once, Oberon had jet black hair and intense, dark eyes, and he still has the same thin but muscular figure, strong chin, and powerful, almost angry facial features as before, but now there is not even a separation between his pale white eyes and the place where there used to be rich brown irises.

Oberon's once black hair extends in every direction from his head, looking much like his operator Kazuhiro's: Messy and wiry. His tunic is rolled up to the shoulders, and fastened there by a pair of metal shoulder pads. Covering his forearms are a pair of light gauntlets that look to be made of some flexible material and then reinforced with armor plating. There is one symbol each on the backs of his gauntlets, but even Kazuhiro has never really been able to see it. His tunic is fastened at the waist by a heavy belt. Finally, Oberon wears a light breastplate, fastened at the underarms and shoulders, connecting to another plate in the back. Oberon's pants are much like Titania's, but his boots are much lighter, made for sprinting and duel-style footwork.

Oberon fights with a pair of punching swords that materialize on his hands when the time is right. Once, they were a deep aquamarine blue covered with a delicate golden pattern, but now they are as pale and featureless as his body. Oberon's strikes are so fast that they blur in the air, almost as if the outlines of his arms were outpacing the smoky white inside of them.

Considered good, but they don't consider themselves such. Their philosophy is to do what is best for them, but this includes being mindful of the consequences of their actions, as well as doing what is best for their friends and loved ones as well. For this reason they are generally considered kindhearted, and would never do harm-- at least, not without what they consider valid reason.

Like Kazuhiro, they are polite, but unlike Kazuhiro, their politeness is more curt than sincerely friendly. They are also extremely knowledgeable in the area of strategy, having spent most of their lives developing battle techniques with each other as their partners.

Custom Weapon
Oberon fights with a pair of punching swords. He is extremely adept with them, and is capable of extreme maneuvers as well as striking quickly with simple cuts and thrusts, with surgical precision. This particular weapon is extremely familiar to him and in his hands it is like an extension of his hand.

Titania fights with a bow. Like Oberon's blade, it is the same bow that she has wielded for years, and even the arrows are forged of her own data. she is thus extremely accurate with it even from extreme distances, and can fire arrows at an impressive rate.

Signature Attack
Titania and Oberon perform a team technique by rapidly switching dominance. This attack will change should they already be split.
Attack for +40 damage with extreme accuracy. Cooldown 3.

History, because I can
Titania and Oberon were developed as two "sister" Navis, that is to say, they were supposed to serve as each other's counterparts and work as a team. The first thing that the two saw upon being activated for the first time was each other, and they were never separated. Every time one went on a virus busting mission, the other followed. Oberon fought with a sword and Titania fought with a bow. They learned individual tactics, got a grasp for basic teamwork, gained each other's Crosses, and even developed a few double-team tricks specific to them and them only. They also demonstrated the fact that there was much more to their programming than the testers knew-- by falling in love with each other. Eventually, they would have become LinkNavis, and both Titania and Oberon waited for that day-- having separate PETs and operators made them feel too separate. They, together, were one thing, and both Titania and Oberon eagerly awaited the day when they would really become a united pair.

Sometime in the last few years, or perhaps it was longer ago than that, the two were exploring the Undernet together when they encountered something they didn't expect. No one knows exactly what that was, but this much was clear: It was far too much for Titania and Oberon to handle, even together. No one knows how they rescued each other by combining their data, but the proof that such an event did indeed transpire is the fact that this Navi certainly seems to have two individuals inside of it. They are in love, and never apart-- yet neither can they ever be together. Some have noted that Titania/Oberon seem sad when they first emerge from their change, which, except when they are extremely focused, takes several seconds.

Kazuhiro thinks that this is because, as their outward 'shell' shifts from Titania to Oberon, or Oberon to Titania, they can almost touch-- but not quite.

Kazuhiro was once a criminal, but was pardoned through some actions that he doesn't like talking about. All he ever says is, "I turned in a friend," and then leaves it at that. His line of work took him into experimental Navi testing, which was how he became the final tester for Titania and Oberon, just before they were to become LinkNavis.

He has since moved on.

Cross/Soul Unison data
It is impossible for any Navi to gain a Cross or Soul Unison with this Navi, except under exceptional circumstances that do not yet exist. When that happens, this section will be filled. Titania and Oberon have not attempted to gain any Crosses, and no one knows, least of all them, what the results will be.
You're a complete computer nerd, just FYI.
Kinda reminds me of an enemy from RO, but it's only a slight similarity... silly Gemini.

I don't like the sig for a few reasons...

1. You gain an overall 50% HP from it, even if each has a lower amount than they started with.
2. You can deal a potentially unlimited amount of extra damage by using your team up technique, assuming you don't get healed or killed.
3. There's no limit to how long they can stay separated.

But besides that, seems interesting. Just my two cents so far.
I'll add this then:

If either Titania or Oberon drop to 1/2 of the HP they had at the time of the split, they reunite and take the lower HP value. If this occurs then they cannot split again. Titania and Oberon also cannot reunite by choice in mid-battle.
I think this works.

GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1