I'm leaving for Florida on the 19th, and I'll be back around the 29th. I may (not) be able to post in that time, but if I am, it'll be from my DS, so expect shortness.

If I can post, this'll serve as a daily journal.

Welp, we leave for Florida at 8am tomorrow. Mum needs to get packed, I need to do laundry, and I need to show the neighbor child where everything is so she can look after our cats.

Why am I posting I've got shit to do
Because you love us too much to stop.
Welp, I leave for Florida in about half an hour.

I'll update you guys once I reach Knoxville, if I can.
Welp, we've just checked into the Best Western in Knoxville, Tennesse. Not quite what we were expecting for a "suite"; One room, one bed, and a hide-a-bed; but it's alright, we'll just be here tonight.

We leave for Orlando at around 8am tommorow, I'll update when we arrive.
Sorry I didn't update sooner, we've been pretty busy and I can't connect to the internet with my DS here. (I'm using a complimentary computer right now.)

So, we arrived in Orlando at about 10:00 on the 20th. We checked into the Sheraton, and the room's pretty good. I'm sleeping on a hide-a-bed again, but there's a seperate bedroom, a full kitchen, and a living room area, though the last two are one full room. There's a lot to do at the resort, there's about three pools, there's an arcade, minigolf, a few restaurants, and a marketplace, which has two computers (one of which I'm on).

I went to Universal a couple days ago to check out the Harry Potter park; it was awesome, but crowded as all holy hell. But, I got my own wand, a Chcolate Frog, and a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, which I'm saving for home. The rides there are cool too.

So, other than that, I've just been kind of bumming around the resort, which is pretty good in itself. I'll keep you posted if I do anything else interesting.

Merry Christmas all!
I was going to say Merry Christmas, but I see that I've already done that.


Back in Knoxville, on our way home. Car ride was hell, but here's hoping for good traffic back to Ontario. I'll try to hit up the chat once I'm home.