Militiaman and Simon Samael Stone


Name: Simon Samael Stone
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Appearance:(picture soon to come) Simon stands an imposing 6'8", with ripped muscles and a strong stature. His hair is lank and light brown, hanging around his ears. His outfit is a white wifebeater with a green pair of cargo pants hanging baggy over his black and blue shoes. His waist bears a tied coat with wrapped about arms tying it together. Around his neck a pair of army dogtags hang from a simple metal chain. His eyes are green and he has a light tan to his skin. He rarely shaves and bears a steady stubble, and is rarely seen without a thick stogie in his lips, and a lighter kept in his pocket (one of the many).

Personality: Simon can come off as haughty and cold in his drive for answers, he bears a strong sense of justice that falls outside of the goals set forth for him in the Military. He gets to know people primarily through assessments of their ability to maintain themselves. His respect is not easily earned, as he demands the best from himself and others around him, especially those who deign to involve themselves with him. Once earned however, his respect and trust is hard to damage, yet he unfortunately retains personal barriers between people that, amicable as he may seem, keep him from truly forming bonds with others.

PET Modifications: His PET barely contains any modifications, he has the ability to maintain a private connection between himself and his netnavi if he needs.

Name: Militiaman.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Cursor


Militiaman, much like his operator, is an imposing and tall figure. His bodysuit is grey with red markings on it, covered by green armor often bearing gunmetal borders with machinegun-esque holes in them or golden metallic borders. On his back is a small navi op pack, with two small wings on the top and pillars extending from the bottom. He has a helmet that fades back into a serrated design, a black visor and gray facemask with additional red marks descending from where his eyes are. His face isn't able to express any features, being completely hidden from any emotion. His buster can materialize on either arm at once, even both should he need, and each one fires like a large magnum, the barrel of the gun pulling back over his arm to an extent.

Personality: Militiaman is much more open to people after his time under, and considerably more personable. However he's still dealing with this and for it is having a confusing and internal struggle about how to behave with other people. He falls back on his distance and works to keep people at an arms length while trying to learn about them. He however maintains his military mindset in spite of it all, being able to put work first and execute orders with what can be a chilling conciseness.

Custom Weapon: MilitiaCannon: An enormous magnum-like buster that can manifest on either arm, fires large and devastating bolts.

Signature Attack: (Working on this)

(Rebirthing my old char, keeping old upgrades, levels, redoing sigs, got rid of SP and crossEXP)

Rebirth Bio: He won't be so much as rebirthed as reintegrated into society. Simon spent a small time with the netpolice and an escapade with his estranged son, yet finds himself no nearer to the answers that he's been searching for. He now knows that his answers rest not in the hands of those serving the will of officials, but the ones bold enough to take it. After a confrontation between Gungnir and Militiaman, which resulted in a resounding victory for all involved, Simon and Sieg reconciled and Sieg went back to his home country of Electopia, understanding what it was that Simon had yet to complete. Sieg also, in an act of good will, Sieg left Simon Gungnirs folder and upgrades, as Militiaman had been stripped of his official gear upon leaving the force (Yet still posed a massive threat to Gungnir), for Simon to once again have a foothold in his quest to find out the truths behind the program installed in Militiaman. Plus, Sieg still aims to defeat Militiaman in battle, but realized he was going about it the wrong way, and also wishes to wash his hands of his past childishness in both program, tactics, and mind; so he hands them over without qualm.
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A few things:

Great picture of MilitiaMan, but that's just an extra and doesn't count towards the actual description of your Navi. If we took the picture away, I really wouldn't have a good idea about how MilitiaMan looks at all. So, please expand on the written description.

There's a separate topic to exchange your obsolete buster NCPs, go there after you're approved. Also, the new starter pack only applies for new, level 0 Navis and their Operator, is not retroactive, and as a result does not apply to rebirths.

Your rebirth explanation... doesn't work at all. What MilitiaMan and Gungnir did in the past happened. The events they participated in and the other player characters they met were all real, and can't be retconned into a 1 hour, 27 minute dream of sorts. I'd suggest looking towards the present to justify a rebirth back to MilitiaMan, instead of the past.

Finally, while not related to your registration itself... bumps don't round up. It's 1 day until the 48 hour mark is reached.
Aah, I didn't know a picture couldn't stand in for a description, my mistake.

Removed the exchange and I'll go there once appropriate, and I understand the pack thing, no worries.

Damn, I was hoping for a retcon of that terrible story I had written before...ah well I didn't go too far. Then I'll just culminate the other story I had in mind (between Sieg and Simon) and go from there, I hope this works.

Also, sorry about that ^^; I just won't specify times and be safe about it.
Everything's good, rebirth approved. Welcome back.