Here he is! Model AZX!

Hello, I am MegaMan Model AZX. I don't know much about the EXE series accepted for some of the anime and a little of the games. However, I know some stuff the Original MegaMan and X series. So, I'm hoping to learn more about the EXE series.

A little background info, my name derives from the first letters of the Class S Maverick Hunters Axl, Zero, and X. I am the last model containing data on the three heroes and function, similarly ,to their aspects. I, of course, also have data on many of their allies, but I cannot access them at the moment.

I found myself here, in a different universe than my where I originally came from, with all my functions ripped from me. In fact, I turned from Reploid to Human somewhere during the transfer and my functions were turned into what you humans call "PET." Strangely, my functions had manifested into their original persona as Axl, Zero, and X inside this little device. According to what they have discovered, I have become a human entitled as Operator and they have become NetNavi, whose functions are to assist me in whatever my needs are on the "internet." Seemingly, the internet is pretty much the information highway of this world. It might the key to might way back home.
You're still probably not going anywhere soon.

The chat is a plentiful source of information.

But, welcome, and enjoy your eternal stay.
Hrm... interesting roleplaying OOC. For a reason I cannot comprehend, for I'd think this would be encouraged, this irks me. Regardless, welcome to RE:RN and enjoy your stay.

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