Greetings future friends!

I`m Marco aka Nigma. Currently residing in the Netherlands with my girlfriend.
I have been around a while now mostly in the chat and playing with some of you on RO.
I just finished registering on here though so i though it was time i did some proper introductions aswell =)

So, nice to meet you all ^^

You may want to fix your signature, it takes up an awful lot of space...
That giant space is in his signature?
Edit: Found the cause of the whitespace, working on the signature.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Didn't inconvenience me any, but then, I never saw it. Welcome to RE:RN.
Ohai ;3
Thanks! ^^

Signature is fixed now.

Also forgot to mention this will be the first time i ever do anything RP so please keep supporting me like you have done up to now :rolleyes:
Greetings. We shall hope to see great things from you.