I really bet your all tired of these by now...

After seeing the giant influx of members from RERN come over to the SFRP. I decided for one last sshot at playing on this site.

If you guys remember me, awesome. I applaud you guys remembering me since I never go on here. If you have no idea who I am, don't worry, I'm gonna tell you.

I'm Fatal Horizon. I'm a moderator at the SFRP (username Mike) and I'm also a member of The Megaman.EXE RPG (username Darkfire Mike (gonna change it to Mike)). I have tried this site before, but left randomly due to not being able to manage a bunch of sites all at once, but I was quite young when I joined aall these sites... and now I'm not, so you might actually see me here a lot more. Who know?

Either way, I'm back. I also plan on using a new character to start over fresh... I kind of don't want to use Fanman...
Yep, I do indeed remember you.

Welcome back.
Good to have you back, hope you'll stay around and RP. : D