Grrrrr... I hate school work

Yeah... well the title pretty much sums it all up, I'm buried in coursework and I'm not to sure if the work flows gonna stop any time soon, so that pretty much limits me to occasional site surfing... bah!

With regards

That sucks, mate. Hope your teachers show some mercy in the near future.
Hope you get comfortable soon with mounds of paper. D:

And that the mounds grow less large, of course.
Smaller but taking longer to do. >.<

Those damn teachers always find ways to make us suffer. Grrr...
Ok... I've found myself a little breathing room, shouldn't last to long so I'll take this chance to make a post, I'm free! FREE I SAY!... Well if you don't count that pile over there ^^
Ahh that wonderful time of year, exam season! Well I'm gonna be on/off flicking through the site for the next two weeks, damn GCSE mocks!
Ah, GCSE. Have fun with your mocks, I've already finished mine.
lucky bugger : P