New player? Sorta... half-half

If someone remembers me, good for you. But for those who don't, you will suffer the consequences (is that how u spell it?) MUAHAHAHAHA*ahem*

Sorry bout that. Cant resist typing it Anyway I joined this forum about somewhat a year ago? Only have been here for a short (make that VERY SHORT) while. So I'll be returning back and try to be active as much as I can even if boarding school get in the way (remember??).

After abandoning this site I actually forgot about it (I tend to forget things easily. Once i even forgot my own phone number >.>)Don't punish me for not remembering the site, PLEASE!! But I was playing Megaman Starforce a lot lately then something hit my head. Wasn't there a site about Megaman that you liked?? (Yes I liked this place, good community ^-^). So I began searching then I found this site again (yay).

Should I re-introduce myself?? Yeah heck I should. Call me Ulti, short for Ultimatheum. 14 years old (young? hell yeah). An ESL (so sorry if my English is pretty bad). I never RPing before so I am bad at it (I think. Never tested it). WILL NOT be much active here unless on holidays, then I promise to check in everyday ^-^.

Any questions about me, just ask. Gonna read the rules, just in case my stupidity might broke some of it

Hope you all eh.... welcome me back?
I remember you!
Welcome back.

Now get to roleplaying.
Welcome back.

You can actually improve your English by RP'ing. Heck, I'm ESL. ><