Squiggle aside I'll be try to use proper grammar as best I can. So I am new, the name is Ngaurhoth1. You may call me Hoth if you wish. I do have fairly well developed literary skills but if you see errors like comma splices and run-ons please tell me. So I enjoy role-playing, obviously, and this RERN seems to be a well put-together website. I have read most of the rules and hope to join the fray soon. Also, my apologies if it's inappropriate to ask this here, but is it okay to convert another MegaMan character to EXE or is that completely frowned upon? If it's not then I have something in mind ahead of time. Oh, and before I forget, is it okay to have a character that is related to one of the main characters, I'm not thinking son or daughter more along the lines of niece.
Good evening Hoth, I'm Grim, resident spriter and reaper of souls.

To answer your questions, you cannot use any characters that appear in other video games/manga/comics; we try to go for originality (which isn't that tough to do, since we have upwards of 300 different original navis that have been registered).

Also, you cannot have any sort of connections to the MMBN characters, or to other users. Megaman, Protoman, Bass, Roll, etc. do not appear in the RERN universe.

If you want any sort of assistance in making your NetNavi and/or NetOp, feel to ask for help, and stop by the chat.
I'm Fera, fresh moderator and local annoyance. Here's the stuff I'd like to say.
1. Have fun.
2. Follow rules.
3. Don't tick off anyone.
4. Have fun.
5. The chat is where you go. Go now.
6. If you want, you can lay off the formalities. XD

Also, Welcome.