It has been quite some time...

Greetings, salutations, and the an' all around hello!

Its been ages, several years in fact, since I last made my way through this sites boards. Ran into a fellow member of the forum over on another site I'm more established at, and decided to go site hunting. Its a pleasure to see my navi still exists, though likely out of date as he is.

So if anyone wants to jump me and tell me who they were two years ago or so so I can match names to faces, I'd be mighty obliged to hear what ya' have to say.

Hopin' to hear from the board soon,
Well... tis I DNR, it's been a while for sure. I rather do miss that intellectual spark you had.
Then fear not! For alas the spark you speak of I fancy still exists, and shall be setting for itself something of a nook here for so long as it is possible. Do tell, what has changed in the last few years? Does anything jump forth from the annals stowed away in the dreary back chambers of the mind you think would be noteworthy or of interest? Furthermore, has something changed in regards to the sits chatbox? I have located the thread fine but my browser crashes every time I take a pass at waltzing into the thread.
I don't know that the hell is going on with your intarwebs when you attempt to open the chat, but it might be the new version that we got. Also, I'll give you a quick list of the changes to the RP.

-Subtypes are much less broken than before
-We have a shitload more of them (see: MMBN2/3 style changes in the form of subtypes)
-We have Support programs
-They are much easier to attain now

Uhhh...that's really all I can think of, thanks to my shit memory and/or my stupidity. Welcome back Gandalf. Perhaps your intellect can rub off onto me.
Sup. I've been here for a few years as well, but I was likely just a little newbie member when you were around. Dark is correct with the changes that have been implemented, and we are currently finishing up the quarter-finals of the NetBattle tournament.

We also have a new batch of moderators in training, and recently had an influx of new members (so finding a similarly matched partner Navi isn't too hard to find)

Lastly, the sig system has been revamped, so please take a look at the new system (but since you only have 1 sig, correcting your sigs will be easy, or not require any changes at all)
Oh my, it's Gandalf. :0

Heya, well, welcome back, we here at RERN are just... improving and developing as usual. And everything mentioned above, well, yeah, you might want to check that out.

Anyway, hope to see you in action once again.