A New Challenger approaches!

Hello all! I'm Morrowlife, as anyone who can find the screen name will see. I found this website through another RP forum... that had a link of topsites. RPG Gateway Search Engine, I believe. Anywho, I spent the last... two days looking over the site here, and being a fan of the Megaman BN series... I decided to give it a try!

I've already made out my characters and everything, I'm hoping to meet a bunch of you and have a great time. Probably going to stay here a while, I seriously admire the battle system of sorta stats but a high influence on roleplay, it's very encouraging. Anyway, I'll see you all on the net!
Welcome to the site! I'm RevivedSin! Your local hardworking moderator on floating hiatus!

For any help with anything, please ask the people in brightly colored names and they'll be sure to help!

Also, come to the Chat! It's located in the general board! You can't miss it!

So without further ado, Enjoy your stay!
Why hello there! I am Syriene, one of the local artists and I am known for my muscial navi. Glad to see you here, I really want some new members to come here! If you need help with anything, talk to anyone with a colored name, they are are generally nice people. And most of the people here know the system well, so anyone can help!

Also, stop by the chat! Chat

Enjoy your stay! I hope to see you around here a lot! ^^

Thank you, the both of you! I have taken the advice given, and visited the chat.

It's... interesting to say the least. I think I'll have a... fun time. XD
I never knew RPG Gateway was actually doing a goddamned thing for us. Welcome, bearer of good news.