Hiko's leaving

I'll just use this for future absences as well.

Right, so I'm leaving Sunday morning for Florida and then a ten-day cruise. Fortunate that the tourney has been so slow, eh? I may be able to snag some internet there, but I do know that it costs per hour on the boat and my parents aren't always thrilled. Don't expect to see much of me for the next two weeks or so. I'll still be here tomorrow and Saturday.

Spring break, woo hoo.

Have a good time ^^
Ha, thanks. To LP that is. Schteef just hurts my feelings. ;__;
Now who will I play TF2 with? D:
Whenever I think of Schteef now I think of an afro ;-;

Sorry I just had to say that <.< >.>
If you're doing that LP, you're doing it RIGHT.

Anyway, have a safe trip, hope you don't CRASH INTO AN ICEBERG. : D
Freak iceberg by Aruba!

Zero, do you WANT me to send you my Steam friends list? xD
Enjoy your trip.

Y'know, thinking about it, I've only technically been on vacation three or so times in my life, and those were all about 4 hour drives to farther off cities. And I've never been out of the country, yet I live 10 minutes from the border.

.....I feel sad now. Thanks a lot, Hiko.

Kidding. But I still feel weird about that.
You know, I had this nice response all thought up, then I scrolled down and saw 'Puerto Vallarta Gay Hotel.' WE WENT THERE LAST YEAR ON A CRUISE. MY LIFE IS SCARRED.

Cruises are the best, dude. Once you take one, you'll never go back to normal trips.

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Cruises are the best, dude. Once you take one, you'll never go back to normal trips.

(Is the complete antithesis of that)

Though, cruises for me seem to do better than land tours. :/

Except when I'm uh... going to someplace I actually LIKE. (Italy, France, England, Japan, China, etc.)
Yes. They are. You meet cool people, have fun on the ship, THEN you go to cool places!
Back home.
Welcome back. How was it?

No giant icebergs?
Had a stomach bug, so I couldn't really enjoy the food, but I had a good time nonetheless. Thanks for asking... >_>
-is sincere, but unsure-
Not sure what you're unsure about. If it's why I'm asking, it'd be because I've never been on an expensive sort of vacation. Most of my own money goes towards drugs gaming anyway.

(By the way, your member title has a typo.)

Argh, when did that happen D:<

Well, I mean, if that's true, then I should be more elaborate. If you go on a cruise, you will never ever want to go on a normal vacation again. I'm just spoiled used to it.

So of course it was awesome, it's just... so much food that I couldn't eat because my stomach was acting up.

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Back home.

Sucks to be you guys