Frederic Kales and 213

Name: Frederic Kales

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Background: Frederic Kales is a professor or Religion at the Dentech University. He has been teaching there for a few years, and recently decided to run an experiment with a navi. He created an angel Navi, and made it the angel of a machine god, run by logic and reason. To him, people of today often want and think that god is like that, based on how advanced the technology of today is. He made the angel of said god, to see how it interacts.

Appearance: Frederic stands around 5'8" tall and weighs an average 175 pounds. Frederic Kales is a middle aged man, and it shows on his face. He has deep wrinkles around his mouth and nose from years of smiling and talking, and also around his eyes. He never slept much, he is an insomniac, as such, and the lines around his eyes are deeper. Perched on his nose is a pair of thin blue framed rectangular glasses. Frederic has nearly shoulder length hair that is very thin and mostly gray. His eyes are a faded blue color. Professor Kales normally has a smile on his face, and is a very content individual.

Kales wears the normal business casual that he wears when teaching any of his classes. Blue button up shirt with the top button undone, showing a white undershirt below, along with simple slacks and black dress shoes. Simple yet professional dress. He often carries a laptop case with him, containing his computer and PET. He doesn't interact much with his navi on a personal level right now, trying to keep it strictly internet interaction time.

Personality: Professor Kales is a very happy person, who is often found smiling or laughing. He is light hearted and never takes things to seriously. He is content with his way in life, often claiming to have found happiness through his studies. He tries to help students whenever he can, and more often than not is known as the nicer teacher. He cares about his students and wants them to do better. What else can be said? He's a good teacher. He cares a lot about his own personal experiments and studies, such as his Navi.

PET Modifications: The PET is a basic line PET, with no real color variations. It is cooper in color. It does have one minor change, a custom built faith meter for the purposes on his experiment.


Name: M-Angel.213.EXE

Gender: Genderless (Design looks to me more female)

Element: Electric

Subtype: Guts

Background: 213 is the angel of a Machine god, a god run by reason and logic above all else.

Appearance: 213 is an anthropomorphic robot that stands at a net height of 5'8" tall. She is a designed in Steampunk style, so her color scheme is bronze, cooper and steel. Her accents are steel, and the base pieces of her form are cooper, and the armor itself is bronze. She is a bit more of an advanced style of steampunk, with stylized armor covering her precious joints and pistons. Her base form is still very steam punk, with thin metal pipes, gears, and shafts composing her. Her face plate is a blank panel with two dark slots for where the eyes should be and a stripe of silver running down the center. She wears an iron halo, with spikes coming off to act like light, behind her head. She has large triangular shoulder pieces, which cover many sensitive cogs and gears that work her shoulder and arm rotations.

Her Upper arm is the exposed under frame. Her elbow joints are exposed pistons and steam exhausts. Large gauntlets with decorative gears on the back form her hands. The gauntlets cover the gear work underneath. Her chest plate is smaller armor, that has the shape of breasts and the shape of the female curve designed in. The mid section of 213 is exposed, showing the shaft used for the spine, surrounded by gears and pipes.

Her legs are covered from the knees down in the decorative gear armor, and large metal boots cover her feet. The knees, just like the elbow, has an exposed piston and steam exhausts. Her upper leg is exposed under frame, just like her upper arm. The upper leg is composed of a much thicker piece of under frame, and is shaped in the general design of a female thigh.

Finally, 213 has large wings coming from her back. The wings are twice as long as her body when fully spread. The wings are in two joints, like the wings of a bird, and have cogs and gears are the joints of all the open and close points. The "feathers" of the wings are thin flat pieces of metal, layered over each other. Within the framework of the wings, steam exhausts are worked in. These are the main exhausts of 213. 213 Also has a large sword strapped to her side. The sword is in the style of a long sword, which she wields one handed. Electricity arcs from the blade. Her Navi Emblem is a gear with her wings coming off of the back of the gear, on a bronze background. The gear and the wings are silhouetted in silver. Her emblem design is on each of her knee caps and the gears on each wing, but the actual emblem is her upper chest plate, being in the position to be a necklace, if it had the chain securing it.

Personality: 213 is a very logic based navi. She tries to ignore her emotions as much as possible and stick strictly to her sense of what is lawful and logical. She will look at a situation and see the best way to proceed, no matter what she has to do to get the job done. She believes in the weight of many outweighs the weight of one. She looks out for those she trusts, thinks of the straight forward path, and doesn't get altered by emotions such as hate, anger, or fear. For all purposes, 213 has no emotions. Only logical machine like thinking. She thinks of herself as a protector and an aid, often helping those she doesn't know. Her current goal is to smite the corrupted data from the internet and carry out the wishes of the machine.
Custom Weapon: 213 has the sword on her side, which is made from the same material and metal as her under frame is. The sword has a power link into her wrist, which supplies the Electricity. She can also shoot ranged attacks of Electricity from her hands.

Sig Attacks:

Might of the Machine: 213 Takes her trusty sword, and charges at the end, steam flowing powerfully from her wings. She takes a slash at the enemy, using her Electricity to add damage to the hit. When she does this, she uses a little too much of her steam and power, and her actions are slowed afterwards while she recharges quickly.

(60 + Elec + Slashing + Self Slow (+ 20))= 40 2TCD Points spent 40/60

Machine's Shield: 213 Summons a protective barrier around herself, which locks on to her armor, intertwining with the already existing gears. The armor provides her extra damage against attacks, so that she may fight more for the machine.

20 HP Casting 1TCD 40/60

I choose HP +50 for my starter.

This character is going to take up my second Navi Slot.
Yay for sexy golden robots, I approve. BV

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GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Rageclaw1 x1, Shotgun x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP +50