Just a small FYI

Well, this isn't anything major, but I figured, you know, I might as well tell people.

Basically, I fell behind on homework, and as I seem to spend most of the time that I'm not in school in the chat, not doing homework, I figure I'll not visit the chat anymore, until I catch up.

So, this shouldn't take long, I'm pretty speedy like that, but I also have extra-curricular activities and school clubs and 2 new projects, so it may take me until, like, next Monday at the latest.

Anyways, as you can see, I still am allowing myself moderate distraction in the form of coming online, and I'll post in the threads, as that doesn't suck up my time as badly as the chat does.

Basically, don't think I died or quit your company, just in case, you know, you're some kind of person who notices my presence very actively, or just a general busybody.

So, if you need me, send a PM (though, you know, I don't expect many as regardless of how neat I may be, I'm not really in high demand. I guess cutting back on your supply of me could change that, but I'm not too worried)

So, this post was basically making a short story long. "I'll be out of the chat until I catch up on schoolwork, but still online. Feel free to PM me if you need me, otherwise I'll talk to you actively when I'm done."

The End,
I see... Well, good luck with that.
Well, good tidings to you.
Good priorities are good.