Zed & Xyzillentz

Name: Zed Vactor
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Appearance: Zed is a slighlty chubby young adult with short, brown hair and green eyes. He usually wears a black leather jacket and blue jeans, along with black sneakers. He stands at 5' 9" tall, and has a handsome face but little muscle tone. His hairstyle is unique; he has two cowlicks, one to each side of a widow's peak. The end result is bangs that seem to form a "V", with the sides raised and the middle flopped down.

Personality: Zed is intelligent, but not ingenious. He is a rather impressionable young man, and is quite quirky. He is usually cheerful and spontaneous, but lacks focus. Zed has been known to enjoy films and music of many genres, but doesn't care much for novels. Working with Xyzillentz has actually helped him become a bit more focused over time, although that focus is on less-than-wholesome goals.

Background: 22-year-old Zed Vactor had just found a job at a local TV station when he moved into an old house he was renting, unaware of its interesting past but sucked in by the low price. He'd always been interested in technology, and had just earned his degree in Media & Communication Technologies, so he was quite excited when he discovered discovered an abandoned, hidden backup server in his new home. Finding Xyzillentz stored on it, he immediately purchased a PET and decided to use Xyzillentz as his Navi, partially because he'd always wanted one and partially because, as a recent college graduate out on his own, he was feeling lonely and separated from friends and family. In this vulnerable state, Xyzillentz was able to befriend Zed... and corrupt him. Now they are partners in webcrime, aspiring to become a feared duo all over the net.

PET Modifications: To match Xyzillentz, Zed's PET is black and green in color. He also used his knowlege of media technology to install dual lenses on the PET so that Xyzillentz can view the real world in stereoscopic 3-D, instead of as a flat image.

Name: Xyzillentz (Pronounced "Zai-zee-yentz")
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Bug


Xyzillentz has the appearance of an anthropomorphic skunk in a skintight suit and helmet. The suit is almost entirely dark grey, but wavy, almost misty-looking green stripes run down it. Two of these run down the front of the suit, from his shoulders to the tops of his feet. A third runs down his large, poofy tail. His build is slender but toned, not overly muscular. His helmet is the same grey as the majority of his suit, save for the curved, one-way visor, which appears entirely black. The helmet also has small, ear-shaped protrusions.

Personality: Xyzillentz was programmed to be evil and criminally inclined, with a distorted set of morals. He is intelligent, sarcastic, and calculating. He can and does form friendships, especially with those who work alongside him to further his evil schemes, and he will usually do his best to protect them. An interesting quirk of his is that he is quite flirty - it seems he will attempt to seduce most Navis he comes across, male or female, whether as a form of genuine interest, a form of mockery, or even a method of intimidation.

Background: Xyzillentz was created by a criminal known only as Farian, shortly before his arrest and imprisonment. He was supposed to be a special NetNavi supplied to a criminal associate of Farian's, but he was not sent or told who his intended operator was before Farian's apprehension. As a result, he waited on a backup server Farian had left behind, hidden, for almost a year. When he was claimed by unsespecting Zed Vactor, he was able to use their growing friendship to twist him into a partner in his evil deeds.

Custom Weapon: Instead of an arm buster, his energy blasts are crescent-shaped, green, and fired from his helmet's visor.

Signature Attack: (60/60)

Stink Spurt
Active; 40 Null; Glitch x1; CD 2; Shot Attack
A quick spurt of incredibly foul-smelling, code disrupting spray from a nozzle on Xyzillentz's... rear end.

Zenny: 0
HP: 150
Level: 0
Battlechips: Cannon, Rageclaw, Shotgun
Crosses: None
Key Items: Zed's PET
Navi customizer contents: Undershirt (10), HP+50 (10).
Navicust points available: 20/40
Subchips: Minienergy x2
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GET CHIP: Shotgun, Cannon, RageClaw1
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP +50
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack x2