Matt and ActionMan

Man, it's been a while. Alright, scrapping Crush and Charles. No rebirth, no extra goodies, starting from scratch. This new navi/op pair is a little nicer, little more social and fun than my last. I had a little fun with my registration too, goofed around a bit. If it's a problem I can rewrite as necessary. Thanks for bearing with me.

Name: Operator Matthew Langley


Age: 8

Height: 3'9"

Hair: Chestnut

Eyes: Dark Blue

Appearance: Matt's a sporty, athletic kid with an outdoorsy tan. He doesn't have much of a mind for style and instead favors things that are utilitarian, not that he ever thinks of it like that. Matt's just a kid who likes to be outside and run around with his friends. T-shirts and shorts are the way to go. Oh, and he hates dress clothes. Too much fuss for something that really doesn't matter that much anyway. But the things we do for our family, huh?

Personality: He's a young and inquisitive kid with a lot of energy, nothing terribly surprising for his age. He's an outdoorsy type, athletic and outgoing. He's still pretty naive, he'll believe just about anything so long as it comes from a trusted source. Matt's got a flippant, disrespectful streak to him that pops up around authority figures but his parents have learned how to smash that attitude into something like proper manners (so long as they're around).

He's got the most respect for his Dad and older brother Adrian, particularly his brother. Adrian's usually out of town but when he comes back Matt's got this habit of shadowing him and tagging along regardless of any of Adrian's complaints. He likes his navi a whole lot too, with ActionMan sometimes acting like a surrogate brother in Adrian's stead. Besides all this, he's still just a kid and he's learning a lot about the world as he grows up. The coming years are sure to change young Matt in some profound ways but until then he'll stay the energetic sort he is now.

Background: Largely as established with nothing really out of the ordinary. How he relates with other characters is really going to set his own personality up. Currently he's something like a mirror, just a kid doing what he thinks is right based off of the experiences he's had up till now.

Name: Net Navigator ActionMan.exe

Sex: Male

Element: Fire

Subtype: Shadow

Age: 3

Height: 5'11" (Applying the standard to programs in a relative manner)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Sky Blue

Appearance: If one could see his old body, back in the day, well that'd be something to really talk about. Yup, ActionMan looks back at those days with a bit of pride. But the past is the past and he's left that core behind! Now his magnificent form is armored in, ah, well, some sub-par programming. Neither the Boss or Matt know much of programming and when they said he was getting some armor this is how it turned out. It's kind of blocky. And crude. Not that ActionMan would ever complain, never that!

Yup, he'll wear that armor with pride! That bulky, blocky helmet that hides his golden locks, that crazy chest piece that makes his torso look so freakin' big (especially when you consider that too-tiny waist), and then there's those spiky things on his shoulders that totally do not make him look like a badguy at all. Truly he is the epitome of heroism and he does not wish that he were not wearing that armor! That's silly. You're silly.

Of course, his core programming really isn't that bad looking. Handsome guy to match his confidant airs. Not that he should ever hear such compliments, he's got enough of an ego as is.

Personality: First impressions of ActionMan are of a confidant, proud, arrogant navi. Prolonged exposure leads one to consider him a blusterous sort with little to back up his claims, a navi with far more bark than bite. He often makes foolish, stubborn decisions that unnecessarily endanger himself and he acts without thinking. He's headstrong with an overinflated ego thanks to his superstar attitude, one that he has no true right to.

But ActionMan's more than that. He really does care about others and he cares a lot. He's in love with the good guy persona. He loves ideals like justice, heroism, freedom and loyalty; he's an absolute sucker for all that cliched stuff. He even realizes that it's something like naivety to so blindly adhere to such things. Still, he wouldn't give his way up for anything.

When you get down to the real stuff ActionMan's made of, one finds that he's nothing like his confidant exterior. It's all part of his grand act facilitated by his rather impressive theater skills. He'd have quite a hand at duplicity if his personality would allow him such a thing. All this is done for Matt's sake, to whom ActionMan is fiercely, blindly loyal to. He'd do anything for that kid. He just wants to be a respectable sort that his Operator can rely on.

Custom Weapon — Double pistols, akimbo baby. And this does not clash with the armor theme. At all.

Background — The first thing ActionMan remembers is The Boss. That's Matt's Dad. ActionMan refuses to call that man by anything other than The Boss for everything he's done for him. Anyway, the Boss goes and gets AM out from wherever he was before then. That whole bit's all fuzzy and he doesn't really remember much. There's no way that could possibly be some kind of foreshadowing to a dark and troubled past, don't be ridiculous. This is ActionMan we're talking about people.

Anyway, piecing together his history before he met Matt and his family is tough. He figures he was doing something for about a year but he's got no idea what it was. AM's made a real game out of that, telling some pretty ridiculous stories to Matt about his heroic background.

He and The Boss stuck together for about a year before he got passed down to The Boss's kid. Those were the good old days. A little after he and The Boss started working together, they met God. That's Matt's step-mom, married into the family almost two years ago. See, 'cause The Boss is a badass and the only thing higher than The Boss must be God, right? Whatever. So AM works with The Boss as pretty much nothing more than a glorified Mr. Prog through all this. It wasn't glorious work, but it was good work. All the while he chased his dream. One day, he was gonna be big. Not just, Y0utube video of the week, more like freakin' ultimate online badass to never be forgotten, an internet legend that would live on forever! The greatest Net Superstar!

Then, bam. The Boss's kid gets old enough that The Boss gets to thinking that the boy needs a Navi. That transition went over smooth as silk, such was AM's respect for that man. The past year has mostly been getting to know each other. The kid's grown up a lot since then but now things are really gonna get tricky. The kid wants to get to busting. And that, well, ActionMan's just gonna have to learn to roll with the punches. His first busting run is coming up soon! Protect The Boss's family, be a badass, and become a Net Superstar! It's a lot to take care of but ActionMan is up to the challenge!

Signature Move- Big Book of Awesome™ Part 1: Burning!

ActionMan™ wrote the Book of Awesome or were you unaware? How terribly sad. Well then let this be the moment where that dark corner of your life is banished to the depths of nevermore 'cause here it is in all it's splendor and glory! The Big Book of Awesome™! And ActionMan™, in his generosity, is able and willing to give displays from this incredible tome. Magnificent one liners, bodacious poses, everything anyone ever needed to be a


Not only that, but special first person instructions on managing your own special effects! This time we take a look at the big wide world of pyrotechnics and just what it can do — for you! Dynamic escapes! More boom for your bang, that's bang for your buck! All of it right here, right now! It's Action Time™! Can you handle the heat?

The actual mechanics of BBoA1, or just Burning, work something like this. First, ActionMan does a number of poses, one liners, etc. and what have you straight out of his big ol' repertoire of such silly things. This works in coordination with his special effects engine to put a smart delay on his pyrotechnics display to activate in coordination with his next action. So that's an action spent doing nothing of in-game value, just activating the sig, followed by a free activation associated with the next action taken. In signature write language I think it's something like this.

Time Delay(Next Action): Illusion[50] - 2 Turn CD

This illusion is limited to fire, explosions and the associated elements of such (debris and whatnot).

Think that should do it. I get the basic package plus a Navicust item, right? Guess I'll take Shield and be done with it. Sorry for being so troublesome, ahah.
I am sorry for overlooking this for so long. YOUR UNHOLY FUSION OF MELEEMAN AND DIMENSIONMAN IS APPROVED. I mean unholy fusion in the best way possible. : D

GET CHIP: Shotgun, Cannon, RageClaw1
GET NCP: Undershirt, Shield
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack x2