Off for repairs and a break

Ok, so you wont see me that much on RN for a while because I just sent in my laptop for repairs. It will probably not be back for 2 weeks then I go camping for a week. That means NO INTERNET! I'm using my family computer for teh time being. That's all!
No...No! **Falls to his knees and holds his hands above his head as he shouts to the heavens* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Ahem, when you return shall we see Basil and his little friend?
Hopefully the repair people don't take too long like last time.
See you in a week or two!
AND... Wait, you already thought of your costume, nevermind.
Ok. My computer is repaired so I'm getting some time back on. Only for a few days though. I'm going on vacation soon! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!
Back from my trip.........what did I miss?
From what I've seen, not much. Same as usual: Shur's gotten into mecha, Savage's coming over to where I am in B.C, Drakim's coding again, there's this big thingy of some sorts that you should check out going on on the Internet City BBS, Twi's being scary and is still purple, angry chihuauas are biting my kneecaps, and my cat's probably gonna die in the next week or so.

But apart from that, not much has happened. Hope to see your new Op/Navi pair soon!
Navi Support Programs(Read: Pets) have been introduced though they are slightly difficult to earn. However, they do aid you in battle so it is worth it. Glad to have you back, by the way.
I've become a hated member! :'D

Welcome back Lunar, I missed you. ^^
i have joined requiem, nothing much about me.