Well, this was unexpected...

Of course. If you're a parent, planning on taking your kids to Chicago, why tell them about it until the DAY OF THE F***ING FLIGHT?!?

Anyways, I'm leaving my compy at roughly 6 PM, MST, and I won't be back until Sunday. Sorry, all who are in mah training. I'll try to get as far as I can, today. And if there's a computer in Chicago I get access to, you can bet I'll be on it faster than you would believe.
But bottom line, it's only one day.

Just thought I should let everyone know.
OK...have fun, PA...
Have fun in Chicago!
Well, I'm back. Standby was a BITCH this time. For anyone who doesn't know what it is, standby is where you wait to see if there are extra seats on the plane, and if there are, you get on. Usually, this means good things happen. But let me share a little story with you...

9:00 chicago time I, my mom, brother, sister, and cousin are all debating on who will go if we all get ___ seats. Why is it so variable?
Well, the stupid people overbooked coach by 10 seats. There were also exactly 10 open seats in first class, ergo, THE PLANE IS FULL. We're sitting there, hoping to god that five people don't show up, so we can get their seats, and LO AND BEHOLD it happens. But now after making us sit there for twenty minutes while they call up everyone but us, making us sweat it out in nervousness.

So yeah. PA's done flying, and bitching, for now. I'll get to modding my training thread.
Standby is the crappiest way to fly possible.

Getting bumped out of the seats that you bought because your plane got overbooked is worse.

Welcome back. MOD MOD MOD!

And as a note...

Quote (English Ninja)

Standby is the crappiest way to fly possible.

Nah. It isn't. It costs us nothing to fly in coach. Literally. First class only costs a little.
So we can visit the entire family that lives in Chicago, while paying as little as possible.