Kenny an' Saintmang

Name: Kenneth Benedict III
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ken is 5'8", with long slicked back, flowing blonde hair, and light brown eyes. He wears a long black robe that includes a priestly collar with a white center. Towards his lower half, he has a black sash like belt he wears to hold his robe close to him, as well as fancy Italian dress shoes.
Personality: Kenneth's goal is to create a cyber cathedral in order to be properly ordained as a priest. With that said, he is generally always somewhat nervously trying to get people to listen to him preach, or to have them help him with his dream in some way. He is especially nice to young boys, and tends to spoil them with candy, money, and things of the like, but on the other hand, is extremely scared of young girls. Overall, he is very friendly and is usually willing to give people a helping hand, although he doesn't have all the skills of a proper priest.
PET Modifications: White with a Golden trim.

Name: Saintman.EXE
Element: Normal
Appearance: With many bishop like features, Saintman is covered in holy garbs, robes and crosses, and is also quite tall. There is a long priestly piece of headgear on his head, colored white with a large yellowish gold cross spanning from top to bottom. The hat makes up close to a quarter of his body. His face is long and serious, eyes being somewhat shadowed by his hat at times, but can be seen clearly in most situations, and also includes a long nose and small lips. On the sides of his head, there are two large navi icons, including metallic cross like shapes pointing out above each. His skin tight suit is white, with a black stripe that goes down though the middle. The suit covers his neck as well, and bears his navi symbol on his Adam's apple. A royal purple robe that hangs itself over his chest area and his shoulders, coming down on both his left and right down his back. Two large beige garments streaked with a constant yellow cross boxed in a yellow square pattern hang over each of his shoulders. He wears a purple cloth like belt around his lower abdomen, under it being 4 branches of cloth that split off in front of him, behind him, and on his sides over the thigh area, reaching down to his ankles, each being white and having a black boxed in cross design. He has silver boots that reach up to his knees, with gold edges surrounding them, and a thin but sharp strip of gold over each of his shins. His shoulders are covered in white glass, jar like shoulder pads that cover only a centimetre or so of his bicep area. His arms are covered in the same thing his boots are, but split off where his elbow is making them two parts. His biceps and forearms are lined with the thin gold linings as well. His hands and wrists are covered in his white suit, but have black boxed crosses on each palm. He holds his large gold cross-like staff, which has a glass ball embedded in the center of the cross part, that is as tall as he is, with his left hand, leaning slightly on it at times, but also tends to raise it with both if his hands when required.
Personality: Saintman is somewhat quiet, usually, acts pompous while keeping his head slightly tilted up, and has a wise air to him. He speaks in a "King James" type of English, his main phrase being "Thy will be done!" among the others in his old school vocabulary. He is always very insistent on being punctual and arriving prepared for things. When proved wrong about something, he offen stiffens up, and stares at the person intensively with a large frown for a short period of time. He also has a habit of preaching to viruses, and commanding people rather than asking.
Custom Weapon: Crucifix Staff
Signature Attack:
Priestly Blessing: (60 Heal) (2 Turn cooldown)
Saintman raises his staff in the air with both hands, and heals a target with prayer. (Including Himself)
6' 8" isn't "somewhat tall" by any definition. Either your description needs to be more accurate, or Kenneth needs to be of a more... average height. Also, I don't know if it's intentional, but your Mend sig is pretty much a carbon copy of the Mend spell in Fire Emblem. That can't pass.
Apologies. Typo there with the height, I meant to put 5 instead of 6.
Name will be changed.
Are you planning on Rebirthing or Shelving?

If not, that's ok, but you lose whatever you had with Johnny and Dove.

Also, if you aren't Rebirthing,

You need to pick a Navicust piece from the starter set.

Quote ("Registration Rules")

HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Metal, Set Magnet, Set Glass, or ResetStage.
(found here)

Anyway, you look pretty decent otherwise, but you'll need to take care of this first.

EDIT: Silly me. You have a shelving thread. Though usually you do this all in one go.

Anyway, if you want to shelve your current two, go finish up there, which should just require you to paste the actual content of your signature into the post, preferable in the [code] and [/code ] tags.

The after that pick a NaviCust piece to finish up here.

Or if you aren't shelving anymore, feel free to say something. I assume you are though.