Raymond and Maltese.EXE

Name: Raymond Hammett
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Appearance: Raymond has Caucasian skin, fair blond hair and dark green eyes. He shaves once every three days if he's feeling motivated, but rarely past every five, and he rarely brushes or combs his hair. This leads to a scruffy appearance, even though he keeps clean. He wears decent non-designer white button-down shirts, with ties, slacks and vests in a variety of colors. He carries his PET in a holster under his shoulder, with a cordless headset that his navi and all phone calls transfer to. He holds himself well, proud but not to the point of standing out excessively. He's not particularly tall, but being blond doesn't help him hide very much in Electopia.
Personality: Raymond himself is an incredibly calm, collected person. He is unsympathetic to criminals, and will condemn the crime even if the criminal has a good reason. He does not allow his emotions to sway his decisions, instead letting logic and justice decide his path. He will fight to within an inch of his own life, but will not put others' in unnecessary danger. He truly is hard boiled.
PET Modifications: Raymond's PET itself is fairly basic, colored brown and silver. It has two significant attachments. One, is the cordless headset mentioned above, which is fairly standard, with a microphone and earphone. The other is the Detective's eye, which is both a small screen, and a camera, that attach to the brim of Raymond's hat. This allow Maltese to see, in real time, what Raymond does, and point out clues. This also allows Maltese to take pictures and edit them into useful evidence. This device is worn on the right eye, and can provide a small heads-up display. This display can also show the same information as the screen on the PET, including Maltese, in the net, though this is impractical for a number of reasons.

Name: Maltese.EXE
Gender: M
Element: Normal
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: Maltese is approximately six feet tall, with fairy average limbs, lending to a very masculine appearance. Upon his head rests a brown fedora, which blends down into armor along the back of his head, with the expected large circles over his ears. It's from these circles that his mask emerges for combat. He has raven black hair spiking out under the armor, ducking into the collar protecting his neck. This collar is brown, and blends down into a mantle over Maltese' shoulder blades and upper arms. The mantle itself curves around the chest emblem, the silver silhouette of a falcon on a black background. The arms have very short "gloves", reaching just past the wrists, in black, with the same chest emblem on the back of each. The boots are also very simple, reaching just below the knee. The mainstay of his body's armor is brown, a shade or two darker than the mantle, collar and fedora.
Personality: Maltese knows what he's getting in to, being Raymond's partner. Maltese is a very stable, accepting NetNavi, and will go along with most of Raymond's plans. He is also capable of calming Raymond down when he himself is on the edge of control, but once that path is taken, physical restraint is beyond Maltese' ability. (Obviously)
Custom Weapon: 19XX Buster; Rests hanging on the hip, and when it leaves the hand of a navi, it respawns in this position. Resembles a handgun with a sliding frame, about six inches long from muzzle to hammer.
Signature Attack: (60/60)

Detective's Eye (Shot type, 10x2 damage) Seeking, Multi-hit One TCD
-Using the Detective programming installed by Raymond, Maltese will seek out and shoot a target with unnatural accuracy, firing a burst from his 19XX buster. This ability also allows him to see through invisibility and those who think they're hidden just by being incredibly high.

Shrug One Off (1 hit shield) One TCD
-Every once and a while, just to throw some salt around, Maltese will decide to shrug an attack off. Doesn't work on particularly heavy blows, but it'll stop most strikes in their tracks.

Zenny: 0
HP: 150 (50 NC)
Level: 0
1x Cannon
1x Rageclaw
1x Shotgun
Key items: Raymond's PET
Navi Customizer contents: Undershirt, HP+50
Navicust points available: 20/40
Signature Attacks:
Detective's Eye 1 turn cooldown
Shrug one off 1 turn cooldown

This should theoretically be correct, right? Did I miss anything major?

And I've been lead to believe I get a free .GMO?
Your sig has an incorrect cooldown. It's 1 TCD per 40 points (or less). Seeking itself costs 20 points so you'd only have 40 left for damage. A 40 (or 20x2) damage seeking attack would have 2 TCD. Also, you'd need to specify multi-target or multi-hit. Multi-target means it can hit X different targets and Multi-hit means it hits the same target X times.

Also, yes, you get a free GMO.
Someone should definitely reword that Multi-hit. Really nonspecific as to how it effects cost.

I'll register the .GMO later.

Fixed it, by the way.

Quote ()

Multi-Hit Attribute: Free

That seems pretty clear to me, and I recommend using those 20 extra sig points. There is no need to "save" sig points for later, you can always edit your sigs later when you buy more sig points to upgrade existing sigs/make new sigs.
One-hit shield get.

And anyway, if it multiplies the cost of the damage, it should probably mention that, otherwise the free is entirely misleading.
Everything looks good.


GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP +50

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