Once again ...

The Pokemon craze has taken over, the muse has escaped, one man must find his muse, and live through this craze. All while typing a post that is coming off the top of his head.

He is Wooga, and this is "Revelations, of the Wooga kind!"

Well, from the stupid narration, or whatever you call it. I have decided to take a break from this site after I find a way to finish the Dark Chip Raid event with my life. Without my muse is the hard part, I have no inspiration what so ever to make a post.

I was thinking, I would return after the Pokemon craze has died down. Which may take a month or something. Or until the next DS game like that comes out. Or until I get bored with real life, and return for no good reason.

I'm hoping I get at least three weeks until I leave. A time to tie up things, and see if I can win the Dark Chip Raid by myself. Since Paladin is gone with school, and I've gone with the fun things.

So long and thanks for all the memories that will last me until I return. Probably a month or two.
Sorry you feel that way, man. Come back when you feel that you can.
Oh, well. I assume it'll die out sooner than THAT.
I mean, it can't last too long, can it?
*looks around fearfully*
Oh, yes. Yes it can.

I am actually scared when faced with the implications.
Once again, here we are, here we are, once again~! *Shot*

Bai bai, Wooga. ;~;

Update on the me leaving thing. Seems my Internet is pretty fucked up. I can't access shit, not even my homepage. It's the connection, and I think it's the ethernet. I'm typing this from a laptop, so excuse my typing if I screw up. My keyboard is split in the middle for some odd reason. So I do not know when I'll return. Peace ya'll, and lets bust a madmammajam.
Hope to see ya soon, Wooga.