Nngh. Apologies. (Reduced activity)

Yeah, I've gotta shut myself down on this site and take only the bare basics.

I'll try finish the event, but that'll be it for a while.

My grades are going down while I spend more and more time here, and I just can't be doing this. Sorry and all, but I'll be back in a month or two. Sorry and everythings.

[Steals Pally's line]

Take it easy, all.
Can we give your position to Darkstar...?

*Shot* *Repeatedly* *With Deadly Ninja Lasers*

Good luck with the grades, buddeh.

No, not darkstar! Let's invite Rayman back and give the position to him!

[puts away the Deadly Ninja Laser Cannons]


D'aw. Bye now, Eon. Hurry back.
You will be missed my fellow .hack fanboy/super game channeler/has one of the most awesomest navi ideas person.