Bye bye

Well folks, I've been here too long and my inspiration is lacking. When I finish Superstar, I'll prolly come back, but that's a when I don't know.... The life in my soul has died down, as has my entire life so thus I must take my spiritual break and pray for a better tomorrow

Oh and don't worry when I come back, I'll be sure to make my modding... more interesting without being more perverted.
Good luck finding your Muse once more. (Mine abandons me from time to time too... :lol: ...though it sucks when it does... <_< )

Take it easy.

Later, Braden. Good luck getting your inspiration back. Try listening to music or reading Fan Fiction, it helps.

Hm... Well, bye. Hope you find that damned muse soon enough. That cheap whore has been ditching people left and right.

Best of luck in that fearsome bastion of chaos known as the real world.

Stay away from Twi's link.

Whatever you do, don't touch