I appear!

Hey There, I am Superchild, the dragon-lover and the one who do sprite comics on Drunkduck.com, I am 18 years old and I love playing the PS2 Game called Megaman X Command Mission.

I am Timid and Sassy.(Which is why I chose Treecko on my GBA Rom game called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team)

I usually watch Fridays on Cartoon Network(Because They have new episodes) And I watch Xiaolin Showdown every day. My favorite GBA Rom is Mega Man Battle Network 1 thru 6.

I am almost good at Grammar(It's because I wasn't learning good at Grammar Class) And for breakfast today I ate a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and Quisp(I love mixing cereal)

So before I get done Introducing, I got few words. "Battle Routine Set, Gong Yi Tampai!"
HEY THERE Superchild! Im Lunarlion! I like monkeys and draw chibi's and other anime related things in my fre time. I also LOVE TREECKO! I wanna see your comic! Anyway, welcome to the site!
Yeah, Treecko's awesome. By the way, I think Dragonslayers sucked.(Now who is going to say "You are my enemy for saying Dragonslayers sucked!)" I am American and I play Pokemon... (Don't tell the other Japanese)

(Now Be right back, I need to bring the Garbage Cans back and check the Mail. Oh and my Little Brother is playing Final Fantasy XII)
...not being skeptical...actually yes I am. YOU'RE 18???? I doubt that. Unless you're .... japanese! Only japanese play pokemon. That is NOT racism, it's fact. Oh, and little kids...but hey, if you like it. Nice avatar...Blue Dragon. I want to play that...it's like Final Fantasy but better. Welcome to teh site anyway. I am tehh official spammer. I want that as my member title...wah.
Yahiko, you're full of crap. I'm 18, am in college, and a white American and yet I still like Pokemon. In fact, the other day in at work, my one friend and I had this coversation:

My Mewtwo will pwn you!
Well, I'll use my Beedrill's Pin Missle to tak him down!
Ah ha! Mewtwo has Ice Beam so he'll freeze your ass!
Well, then I'll just use my Jolteon's Pin Missle so their isn't a weakness for you to attack.

Went on something like that for a while and I soon learned that I was the only one who knew what Dragons were weak against. Seriously, stop being an ass.

Oh, and welcome, SUperChild. Almost forgot that...
Sorry, sorry...really didn't mean it. *slaps self and tries to castrate self*
Someone call me stereotyping baka. Just cause it doesn't count as much if I do it myself.
And I have to admit...I do have one Pokemon game that I'm playing right now. Just cause I got bored of Dragonwarrior: Cobi's Journey. Which is a HELL of a lot of fun...but I can't get past Sky World. Wah.
My Sceptile will use Solar Beam on Jolteon!
Okay, next my Salamence will Fire Blast that Mewtwo!
Then my Gyrados's Bite will finish Mewtwo off, and my job is done.

Anyways, I should make my character to register.

P.S. I forgot to tell you my Disadvantage on any RPG Games. My only Disadvantage on RPG is I alway forget to train and I sometimes run when one of my Characters in my Party Died and I am out of Items that can revive.(Or I don't have enough MP to use Spells that revives)
Umm...I don't think that there IS a 'party' here. It's just your one char, and you can go on missions with a friend. Oh, and my DrakSlime uses Whitefire to defeat your entire partay. w00ts for multiple-monster damage!

Quote (yahiko9040)

Just cause I got bored of Dragonwarrior: Cobi's Journey. Which is a HELL of a lot of fun...but I can't get past Sky World. Wah.

Dragon Warriors, ehh?

I have Dragon Quest 8 for PS2, and its in English and it has Voices. (COOL!) I play with BGM off. I like Rock Music, Techno Music, Metal Music, and 8-bit Music.

And When I say Party, I think I was talking about on the other RPG game like Dragon Quest 8, Final Fantasy 12, or Star Ocean Til the end of time.

I have nothing more to say.

P.S. I like Crossover's by the way.
No idea what Crossovers is. But I like most kinds of music...rap (eminem, preferably), hip-hop, alternative, punk rock, rockrock, classic rock, and jazz. I'm in the jazz band at our school. YAY!
I own an Xbox 360 (devoted Microsoft fan: my uncle works there and gets meh discounts!!!) and a Gameboy Sp. Ds and PSP are overrated, and they're coming out with new stuff soon anyway, like the Xbox 180 which you can sync your games from the 360 onto and play on the go like normal. That's not for a while thou...
Anyways, I checked out the character test on Naruto Kun Website and check out the character I am.
Look at mine...
I Am Teh Pervy SagE!1!
Yeah? Well I am the Ninja with the Naruto Barrage! (Oh and the Harem Jutsu! I love that Jutsu!)
Well I TOUGHT you teh frog jutsu! So I'm better at it!
And I don't say BELEIVE IT all the time!
*never say beleive it. ever.*
And I'm a pervert. nyahnyahnyahkekekekekeke!
Lemme guess, you hate the phrase "Believe it", right?
No, no, not at all. WHAT could have MADE YOU BELEIVE THAT??????!?!?!!?

Heh! Just asking! Oh I like that Funny Comic.

What about my comic, this one for example.

X's Beam Sabre beats the Little soldier's Iron Sword.
Oh, and want to see my favorite part?
Yes, please excuse our spammers, they're annoying.
Um, yeah, I forgot to mention that you can change you member title now Yahiko. Just go to profile information on My Controls, it's at the top.
God, where the hell is that comic from I NEED to find it. T-T
So enjoy, play, make friends, and most importantly.

Yeah, but i forgot one Quiz No Jutsu, RevivedSin.


(Yeah, I can change my Custom Title name, I changed it to a Phrase)
WE MUST BE FREINDS!!! I LOVE Xiaolin Showdown! I HAVE SEEN PRETTY MUCH EVERY EPISODE! *dies from fan boyness of Xiaolin Showdown*