Vincent & Lucia.exe

Name: Vincent Alexander Strife
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Appearance: Reaching nearly 6'1" with soft hazel, almost golden eyes set around carefully, lightly tanned face. His deep brown hair is kept in a neat ponytail that passes down below shoulder blades. Wearing a black button up shirt above white slacks, with a fur lined collar trench coat thrown over it. Black boots to complete the outfit, leaving him ready for any type of weather that may come his way.

Personality: Calm, collected and suave found often with a smile across his lips, he enjoys the finer things in life, and thanks to an upper class family he does just that. Though his manners are usually lacking as he's stubborn, silent and rude when it comes to interaction with others. He can seem benevolent but in truth he loves to see chaos, with his lust for ever growing power and greed that has him seeking the powers the net hides in its depths.

PET Modifications: Redesigned to resemble a classic flip phone from days of old, with a slot to download chips at the base. Screen emits a holo-projection touch screen to allow for a more detailed display of Navi's stats, surroundings, and quick look up in conjunction with information databases. Its solid black in color with wireless jack in port where the old phone's antenna would be located, carried in a small belt case when not being used, along with his battle chips.

Name: Lucia.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Wind

Appearance: Lucia stands 4'11 and 103 lbs; she was slim and had a modest bust. Her hair was wild and unmanageable like burning amber. Her skin was fair and creamy; her eyes where pink! She walked barefoot and carefree most of the time wearing a pair of biker shorts, tube top and leather fingerless gloves. Her ankles and wrists where aflame; circling her limbs like ribbons.

Personality: Designed to try and bring some more normal emotions to Vincent, Lucia is very high and happy spirited. Almost always smiling and skipping through the net singing, humming or otherwise just annoying Vincent trying to get him to lighten up and take life less seriously. Because of her ever present curiosity Vincent has often had to scold her about running up and hugging a cute virii or pushing buttons she's not supposed to.

Custom Weapon: Carries a quiver of arrows on her back, calling upon the flames that encircle her wrist to shape a fiery bow, which solidifies and allows to be used in combat.

Normal Shot: Arrow Shot: With a quick draw from her quiver, she notches and pulls back in full draw before letting the arrow fly at her target.

Charged Shot: Burst Needle: Drawing forth an arrow from her quiver, Lucia sets herself braced low and begins to focus her energy into its tip. Feeding it some of her own flames she sets the arrow ablaze and lets out a fiery blast at one unfortunate soul.

Thanks to the nature of her weapon, chips take on a slightly altered look. Cannon's form into arm gauntlets through the flames around her wrist, swords and other blades form atop her hand to allow her to still notch arrows for her bow. The nature of the chips remains the same, but overall look can sometimes vary from other navi's.

Signature Attack:
Sol's Needle: With a quick draw from her quiver she braces herself as the arrow is notched and pulled to full draw. Then by focusing upon the arrowhead she can transfer a small amount of her fire's data into the arrow. Releasing the fiery bolt upon a single target dealing 40 fire damage. Sadly the drain takes some time for her to be able to use the ability again. [40 fire damage, shot, 40SP, 1CD]

Heat Guard: By super heating the area around herself, she can manipulate the data in the air, causing it to solidify and form an armor around herself to defend against attacks. [20HP casing, 20SP, 1CD]

Starting With:
0 zenny
2 MiniEnergy subchips
100 HP
Battlechips: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
Undershirt NaviCust
Set Grass NaviCust
Everything looks good, so...


GET CHIPS: Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw
GET NCP: Undershirt, SetGrass
GET SUBCHIPS: MiniEnergy x2