Angus and LifeFlame.EXE

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Around 5'8" and has a small build. He has long, curly hair that is blond that goes to shoulders and has blue eyes. Wears Blue shorts and a white shirt with blue jacket. Also seen with Blue baseball cap.
Personality: Very quiet and reserved, Angus doesn't tend to judge others. He is very hard to open up to others, however when he does he usually trusts the person. He is a very loyal person who will stick by a person's side no matter what.
PET Modifications: Angus's PET is modified to have 2 screens. One is meant to monitor his navi's status and battlechips sent etc., while the other is meant for monitoring the health and weapons of his navi's allies. The other screen can also be used to edit navi custom.

Name: LifeFlame.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Recovery
Appearance: Around the same height and build as Angus. He has Red and White Armor with the first aid symbol on his shoulders. The armor is more to his build and not very big, with the only real think armor being his boots, gloves and shoulder pads. On his back is an IV pack, and his hands are surronded by a orange aura which appears to be flames however don't do anything. They're more for show.
He has green eyes and his hair is covered by a surgical cap, and his mouth by a surgical mask which is barely removed. No one has ever seen his cap removed, so no one even knows if he has hair.
Personality: Also quiet and reserved, he only opens to those he trusts. However, he is very sympathetic to those whom are in danger or are hurt, and will assist them in a heartbeat. He's not easily forced into fights, however, but an attack on his dignity of healing and he becomes very angry.
Custom Weapon: Finger Flame. Concealed in his two index fingers, each is a flamethrower. The flames reach a distance of 6 meters.

Signature Attack:
Name: Flames of Life
Effects:45 fire damage to enemy, heals 15 health to ally
The aura around LifeFlame's hands turn into flames. From each hand he sends forwards flames, one to heal one ally, another to damage his enemy. He must remain immobilized when using this, and enemy/ally must be within 15 feet. Mus have LoS as well (line of sight)
CD: 2 turns

Ya I'm a tad worried I may have messed up a bit.
As long as you change your signature attack to deal 45 fire damage to one target and heal 15 HP to one ally, you should be okay. The attack also has a cooldown of 2 turns so you should list that.
Did it. anything else?
from your description, it would be a 45dmg + 15 Healing + Nova3, which is a TON of sig points. If you want this attack to actually work, it would be more like a single line of flame, which only hits 1 target; not a wave of fire that spreads 20meters in all directions. That's lots of Nova, and you can't afford that. The instance of healing would only affect 1 target, not multiple.
Nova is also indiscriminate so you'd end up burning everything in your vicinity and then healing everything in your vicinity right after that.

It might be better to scrap this idea for now and come up with something a lot more basic.
is that a tad better? it's two flamethrowers, one for healing an ally and one for damaging an opponent. and Grim could you post Nova description for me please?

Nova #: (Cost of Sig)*# = Total Sig Cost w/ Nova # [Causes a spherical explosion centered on the user, expanding outwards (#-1) panels in all directions. This effect is identical to Blast with the exception of the user being completely unharmed by the blast. Everything around the user is affected normally, without exception. The tradeoff for being excluded from the blast's effect is that this effect cannot be used at range; it must be centered on the user. Effect capped at Nova 4.]
Ah. Maybe I'll do Nova when I have the zenny to afford it. How does my new one look anyways?
Please pick one of the following NC programs: HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Metal, Set Magnet, Set Glass, or ResetStage.

You also may want to be more detailed in your Navi description. From the description alone, we don't know what kind of armor he's wearing, or if LifeFlame even has a face.
Set Lava please. Also gave Life Flame a face and armor XD
Alright then, everything checks out.


GET CHIPS: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET NCP: Undershirt, SetLava
GET SUBCHIPS: MiniEnergy x2

Please post your Navi and NetOp info in their respective databases, and create your signature. Good luck, have fun, all that good stuff.