Royce Ford & Shooter.exe

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Name: Royce Ford
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance:Royce is fairly tall at roughly 5"10. He has messy brown hair and calm-looking brown eyes. His usual outfit consists of a Blue hoodie with his netnavis symbol near the upper wrist area of each sleeve. He also wears a pair of black jeans that have his first name next to his left pocket, and wears a pair of shoes with a checkered pattern in orange and blue, with a white colored base on the shoe.
Personality: Royce seems like a very serious person by the way he talks and acts most of the time, but he really is more of a good spirited individual with a happy-calm demeanor. Royce hates it when things don't go as planned, and can sometimes show a very angry side of himself that most people don't see. Also, Royce likes to make his own descisions and gets very disgruntled with people who decide things for him.
PET Modifications: -Navi list: A special application that holds a list of all navis that Royce and Shooter have encountered.
-Internet Map: An application that displays a complete map of the internet area Royce and Shooter are exploring.
-Cafe locater: An application that locates nearby Resteraunts and cafes.
-Protection unit: A special appliance that was instlled into this PET. If somone were to try and steal the PET, while this system is armed, it will release a taser-level shock on the thief. It can be armed and disarmed by a special control piece Royce has.

Name: Shooter.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Cursor
Shooter has an orange and blue armor scheme. On his left arm is a longer than usual buster that ends up firing attacks and buster shots. On his right arm is a nromal hand with a slightly rectangular shape over the arm. He also has two blue Antenna for auditory functions, and bigger-than-normal boosts with a blue strip on the front of each.
Personality: Because of being around Royce so much, Shooter has adopted most of Royces personality traits. However, he does have some of his own. Shooter loves to battle, any chance he can get, he will go. The other thing is that Shooter has a lot more personality and spunk than his operator. But they are realtively the same otherwise.
Custom Weapon: (Shooter gun): As stated in the description, Shooter has a buster on his left arm. His custom weapon is the Shooter gun, which when properly charged, fires a blue energy balst at his target.
Signature Attack (Blue Rush): Shooter fires a blue laser beam that moves incredibly fast towards the opponent.
50 Normal Damage (50 pts) [2 TCD] + Aim (10 points) = 60 points used

(please tell me if I did the signature attack system correctly)

Bio (I know its not needed, but I thought I'd add one. You can skip it if you want.): Royce was born in a small town in Sharo and lived there for the majority of his life. When he was young, he attended a international school in a neighboring town. During these years in school, Royce was taught many things, but the thing he enjoyed most was language. He was so enthralled by world languages that he learned how to speak all of them fluently (the current ones at least).

In school, however, Royce was so busy learning language that he never had time for any friends. His parents got very worried by this. They felt that without some form of realtionship outside his family, he might become a shy and awkward person. So as soon as they could, they allowed their son to buy his own custom netnavi.

The navi Royce bought was a normal navi at first. Royce and him were very happy together. As they fought and played on the net more, the programming inside this normal navi began to customize itself. By the time Royce reached 20 years old, his navi had customized itslef into a new form. The normal navi would then be known as Shooter.exe.

The two were very content from the on. Royce finished college and Shooter got better at battling. Nothing terrible had happened to the two... yet...
Sorry, there's already a navi for the NetPolice named Shooter.

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EDIT: Ok, you can use Shooter. ; D
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Everything looks good. One thing that's been forgotten, however, is that you can choose from one of these for your Navicust to start with. You get your choice from the following: HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Metal, Set Magnet, Set Glass, or ResetStage. Choose which one you like and I will be ready to approve you.