Ummm, Hi?

Well, fortunately, I noticed this site when I'm trying to rate RE:CN. I don't know what had happen there, and I thought I was banned! So, I'm just trying to find someone else, to ask what really happened. So, I tried to review at the topsite, to ask what really happen. I know that's a dumb action, but I don't know what to do anymore. Then I noticed that RE:CN had changed to RE:RN. I really thanked god for this....

Well then, hello to all. I hope this place won't be as RE:CN. Until then, peace!

EDIT: the banner coughnalwasn'ttherecough
Welcome back. I had troubles, too.

Geez... I go to an eagle project for THREE HOURS and Nal has gone nazi on the site! It's craaaaazy!
But the ToNE guys (BlazerMan now equals GOD) got me a link to here. Thank god...

Anyways, welcomage maximus to the extreme!
Thank BlazerMan?
Well, I gotta thank shuryou. SHURYOU THANX!

well, I hope I'll be active here.
Eh, I changed the link of TopSites shortly after the whole mess happened... Glad to be of help of some sort.