-This year's virus contest theme is SPAAAAAACE (space). We're currently somewhat lacking in a high level elec network that completes the set of Hades, Sharo and Yumland. Some higher-ups have suggested the creation of the a new area: NAXA Net. We already have a few extraterrestrial viruses at the moment (UFO, BigBang, Satellite, Mettfire), but we'd like even more such that we can populate an entire network with them. While it was mentioned that the virus is meant to be in a primarily elec heavy area, the theme is still very much space (SPACE!) so it's acceptable if your entry is NOT elec element.

-The contest will be open until midnight, December 31. So basically, you have until New Years.

-Up to *three* entries are allowed per person.

-Multiple Winners are possible. In fact, multiple winners are probable and desirable.

- Winners of this contest will receive a version 1 copy of their own winning entry's chip in their Net-Op's E-mail, once edited for balance. However, if more than one entry by the same person wins, they can only get one of the chips.

Start Date: November 14, 2011 @ Whenever this was posted
End Date: December 31, 2011 @ 11:59 PM EST