Virus Name(s):
Version 1: Snow-Angel
Version 2: Snow-Guardian
Version 3: Snow-Seraph
Version ANOTHER: Snow-Devil

Version 1: 80
Version 2: 120
Version 3: 180
Version ANOTHER: 100

Version 1: A humanoid-virus that's only half the size of a normal navi. With its long white hair along with the loose white robe make it hard to tell its gender. The virus is usually found floating around with their petite angel wings and crossing their hands together in a praying posture. Rarely Violent, yet if its extremely desperate, nobody should ever try to cross its path.

Small Note: It is possible to get this virus on your side, depending on the circumstance. Very rare.

Version 2: The size and appearance is similar with its previous version, but it has a larger pair of wing slightly above the smaller pair, a silver breastplate equipped very loosely over the white robe, and a full silver knight helm still covering the entire face. Now the virus struggles to fly with its heavy armament and carries a small magic rod with both hands.

Version 3: Again, the size is the same as its previous version, but it has 3 set of wings (From the largest on the top and smallest on the bottom), a body armor that partially reveals the white robe, a helm that has a small curved blade attached to the top, and a silver scepter the angel easily carries with its right. The virus seems to have more control in its flight and maneuver. The helm's cap is open, revealing a round vibrant blue eye.

Version ANOTHER: ???

Version 1/2/3:
-In mid-air, the virus flaps its wing furiously and goes for a straight head dive to its enemy, mostly to the head. After it hits or not, the angel mindlessly falls to the ground and flaps its arms and legs up and down, then it quickly flies away from the opponent before it even reacts. The panel where the angel landed starts to freeze and a snow angel is left on top of it.

Damage: 20/30/50
Accuracy: C
Very small Ice Panel/Small Ice Panel/Medium Ice Panel even if it miss
"D-" Chance of Freezing/"D" Chance of Freezing/"D+" Chance of Freezing

Version 2/3:
- The virus takes his Rod/Scepter and flies towards its ally. Just above, the virus makes a small circle in air and creates a large snow flake that falls down on to its ally, giving it a small recovery bonus.

Recovery: 20/40
Accuracy: A
It is possible that the snow flake would land some where else, hence, either canceling the heal or even transfer the healing snow flake onto the player.

Version ANOTHER: