Virus Name: yoko_onna.vir
Damage: 10 + knockback
HP: 100/140/180
Element: ice
Special: slow + accuracy down + 10 water dmg each turn until deleted
Description: This virus appears to be a female navi dressed in a white and grey kimono. She is quite beautiful with long white hair and skin as pale as new fallen snow. This is a problem, since whenever one of these viruses are around there is a devastating blizzard that makes it hard to hit her or any other virus. Although she's hard to see, there have been reports that you can find her by the strange sound she makes. it's almost like... crying?
Attack pattern: She'll normally try to avoid the center of combat, staying near the edge of area and trying to avoid fighting. If an attacker tries to get into melee range, she'll attempt to shove the attacker away and take the opportunity to run. The real problem is as long as she remains on the field her blizzard will continue to hinder navis(special ability doesn't stack if more than one, but all must be killed to end effect).

Chip Name: snow storm
Damage: slow + accuracy down + 30/60/90
Element: Aqua
Accuracy: B to all
Description: A sudden snow storm blows up, hitting all enemies and burying them in snow for one turn.