(This is supposed to be Heat)

Virus Name: Frozaur / Frozaurus / Frozilla
Damage: 40 Aqua + Seeking / 60 Aqua + Seeking / 90 Aqua + Seeking
HP: 120/160/210
Element: Aqua
Special: This virus begins the battle with all the properties of an Icecube with an Ice panel beneath it. In this form, the virus does not need to be deleted for the battle to be cleared. If the cube is hit by a fire or break attack, the ice beneath the cube is changed to another terrain type, or three of the player's turns pass, the virus will "thaw out" and gain the following special: Airshoes. The virus is automatically deleted after two player turns in this form. The player does not earn a chip if this virus is destroyed by these effects.
Description: Frozaur / Frozaurus / Frozilla, at first glance, appears to simply be a huge block of cloudy, snow-covered ice with a dinosaur skeleton frozen inside. When this ice is broken or thawed out, the virus is revealed to actually simply be the dinosaur's skull, the rest of it destroyed along with the glacier. The white / powder blue / mint skull with glowing yellow / red / yellow eyes floats through the air and doggedly assaults the Navi who freed it with its chilling fangs. The virus will melt by itself if given enough time, first naturally thawing out and then becoming little more than a puddle.

Chip Name: Frostbite 1/2/3
Damage: 120 + Homing + Seeking/ 140 + Homing + Seeking/ 160 + Homing + Seeking
Element: Aqua
Accuracy: S
Description: This chip cannot be used unless an Icecube is present on the battlefield. The chip creates a dinosaur skull inside the Icecube. If the Icecube is hit by the enemy, the skull will fly out and seek the aggressor, crashing into them with an icey burst. This effect is not activated by the enemy's push or "poltergeist" of the Icecube. This chip may activate on you or your opponent's Icecube. Multiple may be placed in one Icecube, including cases where two different owners have skulls inside the cube.