Virus Name: Slappy/ Slippy/ Sloppy
Damage: 25/40/70
HP: 70/140/210
Element: None
Special: Attack greatly increases in speed if on ice; all hits that connect with goalie instead of goal damage 1; goalie mask can be broken to do regular damage to goalie; always starts far away; goal cannot move
Description: Slappy/Slippy/Sloppy is a virus consisting of a small black/blue/yellow man wearing a white hockey mask with black shoes and a tense, hunched stature with an ice-covered goal behind him. In his hands is a long hockey stick. Behind him sits a goal; if it is ripped, the full goal and goal man will explode. He attacks either by slapping a puck across the ground or through the air at opponents. At close range he may also beat opponents with his stick. His puck will travel much faster if used on ice.

Chip Name: Slapper 1/2/3
Damage: Creates 80/160/240 HP "Slapper."
Element: None
Accuracy: S
Description: Creates an object in the design of a Slappy's goalie on the battlefield. If the user of this chip knocks any object towards the Slapper, he will slap it towards the closest virus with incredible speed and accuracy (object is given homing attribute). If the terrain is ice, the goal man can move horizontally to catch hit/thrown objects; otherwise, it cannot move at all. The Slapper will try to intercept all objects thrown/passed/slid near him, regardless of the user's wishes, but will never target its user or his allies directly.