Icekimo / Icekimi / Icekimu -
HP: 70 / 140 / 210
Damage: 20 homing OR heal 10 / 40 homing OR heal 20 / 60 homing OR heal 30
Element: Aqua
Description: It looks like a little person in a parka sitting on a stool. Its face is obscured from view except for its glowing eyes. It also has a bell that dangles above its head. It has a fishing pole with the line in a single water panel surrounded by ice. The water panel is a part of the virus and cannot be changed or removed until the virus is deleted. The ice around it can be changed however.

Attack: When the bell on its head rings, it will pull up a fish from the hole that arcs upwards and tries to land on the navi. The fish has homing (if it misses, it will flop and try to land on the navi a second time). If the fish misses on its second flop, it will return to the virus and heal them for half its base damage.

IceFshr1 / IceFshr2 / IceFshr3 -
Damage: Teleport target + Freeze + 20 damage / Teleport target + Freeze + 50 damage / Teleport target + Freeze + 80 damage
Accuracy: A
Description: This chip must be used on an ice panel. The closest enemy on an ice panel is snared from below with a fishing hook, dragged under (this turns their ice panel into a sea panel) and teleported into melee range. Upon arrival, they are also frozen in a block of ice. This also converts the ice panel the chip was used on into a sea panel.
Duration: Once
Element: Aqua