SkaterBronze / SkaterSilver / SkaterGold -
HP: 80 / 140 / 200
Damage: 2 x 10 damage / 2 x 20 damage / 2 x 30 damage
Element: Aqua
Description: Its body is consists of a head with a long face with feet. It wears fuzzy earmuffs and a medal on top of its head. The SkaterBronze and SkaterSilver versions are perpetually crying and frowning. Only SkaterGold viruses smile.

Attack: Its mouth sprays a path of ice along which it skates, converting a maximum of 10% of the area's panels to ice per turn (panels that are already ice remain iced). When it reaches melee range of its target, it jumps up and delivers a spin kick (2 hits) before landing and moving along.

IceBlde1 / IceBlde2 / IceBlde3 -
Damage: Haste + 2 x 40 slashing / Haste + 2 x 60 slashing / Haste + 2 x 80 slashing
Accuracy: B
Description: A pair of ice skates grow from under the navi's feet which produce ice wherever they move (Note: the change occurs BEFORE they move onto the panels). The navi will never slip on ice when using this chip, although it makes dodges more effective. Depending on the distance to their target(s), more panels can be converted to ice before the effect ends. The navi can kick one enemy twice or two close enemies once each. At the end of the turn or if the navi executes the kicks, the blades go away.
Duration: 1 turn or 1 use.
Element: Aqua