HP: 60
Element: Elec
Primary: Discharge (10 DMG, 2-Action 1-Turn Stun, C Accuracy; moves slowly)
Secondary: Electro-Pulse (+5 DMG to all Elec virii for one turn, S Accuracy)
Passive: Electron Shell (5 DMG to enemy upon physical contact)
Description: The StaticPlate virus appears to be two floating metallic plates bonded strongly by beams of constantly crackling electric energy. The uppermost plate has small, beady eyes, and the lower plate has a small line that resembles a mouth. The StaticPlate can discharge electricity "bombs" at will and quite accurately (but slowly) for damage to enemies and damage boosts to friendly Elec-type virii. By itself, it doesn't pose much of a threat, but with, say, Elebees or Magtects, it can be quite a pest.

HP: 120
Element: Elec
Primary: Discharge (20 DMG, 2-Action 2-Turn Stun, C Accuracy; moves slowly)
Secondary: Electric Charge (Causes friendly Elec virii to have a 2-Action 1-Turn stun upon contact with enemy and does 5 damage to enemy upon contact)
Passive: Electron Shell (5 DMG, 2-Action 1-Turn stun upon physical contact; works both ways)
Description: The ZapPlate is similar in structure and design to the StaticPlate, but it is colored gold as opposed to silver. It also can perform upgraded attacks and is in general more powerful.

HP: 180
Element: Elec
Primary: Pulse (30 DMG, 1-Turn COMPLETE Stun, C Accuracy: moves slowly)
Secondary: Electric Haste (+10 DMG that turn to all friendly Elec virii, 2-action 1-turn stun upon contact, 10 DMG upon contact)
Passive: Electron Shell (10 DMG, 2-action 1-turn stun upon contact)
Description: The ElePlate is as shiny as can be, between the arcs of electricity and a metal plating close to the makeup of that on the back of an iPod. It has small electric lightning bolt-style marks along its upper plate, as if to signify power. This is the strongest non-EX form of the Plate series, and it can stun an enemy completely if its attacks hit.


Damage: 50
Effects: Thrown Item Properties, 1-Turn 1-Action Stun, Blast1, Spread1
Accuracy: C
Description: A small orb filled with electric charge. Upon impact with anything, it bursts into shocks of electricity which arc outwards and chain for a bit between virii, traveling quite far in tightly-knit groups. It also stuns victims.

Damage: 100
Effects: Thrown Item Properties, 2-Turn 2-Action Stun, Blast2, Spread2
Accuracy: C
Description: The same as its predecessor, but more powerful.

Damage: 200
Effects: Thrown Item Properties, 2-Turn 3-Action Stun, Blast3, Spread2, Slow to all victims
Accuracy: C
Description: A ridiculously powerful version of its predecessors, with a slowing effect added.