Description: The Militia virus is a small, grubby foot soldier, with a few scraps of body armor here and there as if they'd actually help protect him in a war (piled on top of various camo-colored, varied clothing parts). He wears a badly scuffed and faded brown camo helmet with the straps hanging loose, and if he runs, it moves from side to side on his head wildly. He is of a medium height compared to other virii, and also totes a small automatic weapon in addition to the grenades which make up his primary offense.

Battle Routine: The Militia is by no means a hardened war veteran. He will take cover behind any rubble he can find (or his companions) and toss grenades from safety. If an enemy gets close, he will either actually come out (rare!) and fire at them with his gun, or stick it out of the cover and blindfire like crazy, hoping to hit the enemy on a lucky chance. Otherwise, he lobs grenades from safety as often as he can.

Special Weapon: His grenades. They are usually the traditional pineapple-shaped hand grenades, but a few "handled" grenades that resembled Nazi grenades in WWII are occasionally added in there, with perhaps a few home-made bombs. He seems to have a nearly infinite supply of them, but not the best arm. Grenades aren't very likely to hit, and are quite visible, but if they get close, they'll damage everyone in sight (splash).

HP: 70
Element: Null
Machine Gun: 5 DMG x 5 shots (D Accuracy blindfiring, C Accuracy aiming)
Grenade: 20 DMG (C Accuracy + Spread / Splash + Thrown Item Properties)

Squad Leader

Description: The Squad Leader is definitely a leader. He wears what would be the real-world equivalent of Kevlar and is fully outfitted in battle regalia... well, at least, combat boots, jacket, helmet, and goggles. He also has a small pair of binoculars he can use to better target enemies.

Battle Routine: He's smart, a bit more brave than the usual soldier, and has better 'combat instinct.' He'll duck and weave and cover and whatever he needs to do to survive, but he'll also stand and take a few shots when he needs to and help out fellow soldiers.

Special Weapon: Sometimes, a handful of soldiers just don't do it. That's when this guy comes in. Every turn, he can sacrifice safety and the opportunity to attack to 'spot' for his allies, giving an accuracy boost to the soldiers around him. He also totes flashbang grenades, which can temporarily stun enemies.

HP: 120
Element: Null
Rifle: 25 DMG (B Accuracy)
Flashbangs: 25 DMG (C Accuracy + Stun [up to 2 targets, lose 3 actions each, 1-turn duration] + Blind [up to 2 targets, 1 turn duration] + Spread / Splash + Thrown Item Properties)
Move your sights...: +1 accuracy rank to up to 3 allies in vicinity (have to have attacks that relate to bombings (I.E. other Militia, Beetanks, etc)


Description: He doesn't even need a helmet! The Officer instead dons a sideways, artsy-looking hat that so many old-timey officers had used. Also, instead of a machine gun or rifle, he has a bazooka. A bazooka that launches very, very uncomfortable things. Other than that, he doesn't stand out much from the other soldiers.

Battle Routine: Virii morale is immediately boosted just from the presence of this man. He bravely marches into battle with his bazooka, launching rockets everywhere he can; and when he's not on the frontlines, he's strategizing for his loyal virii-- a navi's worst nightmare. Again, he'll get out of the way the best he can, but he's no coward.

Special Weapon: As mentioned above, a bazooka. It launches the equivalent of a terrorist 'dirty bomb.' Although it has no radiation, it does contain data-corrupting algorithms that infect any enemy the missile detects. It has a huge splash radius and the poisonous data doesn't settle for quite a while. Also, he can perform all of the same functions (excepting the flashbangs) that Squad Leaders can, including the accuracy boost.

HP: 150
Element: Null
Bazooka: 40 DMG (B Accuracy + Huge Splash [1/6 of terrain] + Confusion [Affects as many targets as were hit by blast, 2-turn duration] + Lasting Effects [terrain stays 'infected' for another 2 turns] + Spread / Splash)
Morale Boost: All allied virii around the Officer gain +5 to all attacks that turn, and any 'bomb'-type virii gain an accuracy rank. Virii are more likely to be aggressive--Officer can't attack until next turn, is left vulnerable.


Accuracy: C
Damage: 80
Effects: Thrown item properties, splash damage (20)
Description: A small, pineapple-design hand grenade to be thrown at enemies. It has a decently large splash damage radius.


Accuracy: C
Damage: 125
Effects: Stun (1 turn, up to 2 enemies), Blind (1 turn, up to 2 enemies), thrown item properties, splash damage (25)
Description: The grenade is small, easily fits in a palm, and is roughly cylindrical, if a bit boxy. It has large 'pull pin' that sets off a large flash of light and loud bang which is hypnotic to virii, stunning and blinding them temporarily. It also has a large splash range, should more than one virus be clumped together.


Accuracy: B / A
Damage: 200 / 250
Effects: Huge Splash [1/6 of terrain, 40 splash damage], Confusion [Affects as many targets as were hit by blast, 2-turn duration] + Lasting Effects [terrain stays 'infected' for another 2 turns] + Spread / Splash
Description A DirtyBomb chip is varied in use. The first option is to forcibly eject it into enemy territory, whether it be by throwing, rocket-launching, or any other method similar to that. It's not quite as accurate or as powerful as the second, where the DirtyBomb acts as a timebomb. It must be set up manually near the target enemies and primed, and it will detonate at the end of the player's next turn. Whichever way it's activated, the bomb leaves a sort of radioactive mist behind it that either affects the targets or affects anyone thick enough to wander into the infected area. It will completely addle them, and may lure them into attacking their allies or the like.

Also, when put in "timebomb" mode, there is no splash damage; any virus that is in range will receive 250 damage. The target is simply whatever virus is unlucky enough to wander near the bomb.


Viruses: Militia / Squad Leader / Officer
Chips: HandGrenade / Flashbang / DirtyBomb

The virii give out those chips respectively. I'd say these virii would only show up later in threads. Their battle routines are just samples, by the way; they're completely up for changes, etc. I'm hoping I made the stats somewhat balanced...

Also, I'm up for comments, I don't really care if you reply to this thread.