Element: Elec

100 HP/200 HP/300 HP


-.Frankly/Funkly/Freakly attacks with a powerful straight jab using its oversized right arm, charged with electricity stored in its bolts. 20 / 50 / 100 Elec Damage.
- When Frankly/Funkly/Freakly is defeated, he is not deleted unless all other viruses in the battle are deleted or it is deleted by a fire attack. Frankly remains in the battle if not deleted by a fire attack as a zero HP object that can still be targeted, but can only be destroyed by fire attacks. If Frankly/Funkly/Freakly is not destroyed after one turn of being a corpse, it will resurrect itself with full HP. Frankly can only resurrect itself twice.
- Frankly takes half damage from electric attacks.
- Funkly and Freakly take no damage from electric attacks.
- Freakly can use Blinder once.


The navi's arm (or whatever they use to attack) becomes larger and flooded with static electricity, produced by temporarily jamming bolts into the Navi's neck. At the cost of some health, the Navi can use a powerful punch boosted in momentum and damage capacity by the energy. (80/120/160 Damage, Can add up to 40 Elec damage by sacrificing health at a 1 health to 2 damage ratio at the time of activation. Adding any more than 20 will stun the user for one turn. Accuracy: B.)