Element: Normal

80 HP/160 HP/240 HP

The Lucky virus slinks across the ground normally at an angle entirely horizontal to the ground, just like a shadow. When it does pop up, the Lucky virus reveals its shape to be like that of a small standing signboard with a single leg behind it. The face of the virus is that of an adorable cat, and it has tiny points atop that resemble ears, but the overall shape makes it too bizarre to even come close to resembling a real cat. When attacked, the Lucky turns pure white and its face adopts a horrified expression.

-Lucky viruses naturally excel at dodging, although ground attacks and bombs still retain their accuracy against them.
-Lucky can only move in for quick attacks in its regular form, dealing only small damage by standing on its back leg and swiping its face through the air like an ax blade. Attack damage is 10.
-When the virus is attacked (not hit, simply named as the target of an attack), it immediately adopts its white color and new expression. All enemy attacks that are launched towards the one who attacked Lucky gain a letter grade of accuracy and attacks that are launched by the attacker of Lucky lose a letter grade of accuracy until it is destroyed. Any attack that is already at E accuracy will backfire and damage the user a quantity equal to the chip damage. This effect becomes active as soon as its attacked, and will affect the player for a minimum of the turn activated, even if Lucky is destroyed in one attack.
-After an attack is launched on Lucky, its attack becomes 30.
-The accuracy changing effects of this virus do not stack.

-Locke virus has a natural attack of 30, attack becomes 60 after targeted, and reduces accuracy by 2 letter grades; all attacks towards player who targeted gain 2 letter grades. Attacks with D accuracy or lower backfire.
-Luci virus has a natural attack of 50, attack becomes 100 after targeted, and reduces accuracy accuracy by 3 letter grades; all attacks towards player who targeted gain 3 letter grades. Attacks with C accuracy or lower backfire.


The navi produces a shield with the face of a Lucky virus on it. When the shield is attack, the Lucky shield becomes white and adopts the horrified expression, giving the navi benefits similar to those the Lucky virus gives its own allies. The shield is ineffective as a defense against damage. Can be surpassed and voided by a breaking attack.

- Reduces the accuracy of enemy attacks towards this navi by one/two/three letter grade(s) for one turn. E/D/C accuracy attacks will backfire and damage the enemy if targeted towards this navi.
- Accuracy effect does not stack with multiple uses of this chip over a turn.
- Effect is voided if the user is hit with a breaking attack.
oooh, black cat, bad luck.