Family Name: Ecto (taken from Ectoplasm and Data)

The Ecto family are all a race of differently colored, gas-like viruses. When first met, they will just appear as an amorphous cloud of gas, with no identifying features. As soon as possible, it will hover over to the Navi it fights and envelop him/her. After this, it will leave the Navi, either if forced off or floating off on its own accord. Once it leaves, it will have copied the Navi's base data, and applied bits of it to its own coding. The Navi's head will then appear in the middle of the gas cloud. If the Navi has an element, the Ecto will copy that as well, editing its appearance slightly in accord:

Fire: The Ecto will appear to have ashes floating around in it, and smoke will rise from the top of it.

Water: The Ecto's gas will sparkle when it catches the light, not unlike ice.

Electric: Sparks, crackles, and other signs of static electricity will constantly show themselves in the Ecto's gas.

Wood: Various leaves and twigs will be swirling around in the gaseous form.

Their attacks are all universal, and are the following:

Copy: The Ecto rushes the foe and envelops it in its gaseous body, forcefully wrenching some data from it. This both hurts and stuns the foe randomly. (30/60/90, 2-action stun for a turn. The stun won't go away until you use a full turn to recover.)

Elemental attack: Once the Ecto has copied a Navi, it will either launch a fireball, a myriad of tiny, needle like ice shards, a lightning bolt, or a tornado of leaves and roots at the foe. If the enemy's element is Normal, it will attempt to copy it again, or pursue another Navi if there is one. (60/120/180, copies whatever element it has copied.)

Extra: Ectos float, and are untouched by any panel effects whatsoever. They can also use Invisibility at will, as a way of defence.

The forms themselves are:

V1: Ectoplata

HP: 130

Appearance: Ectoplata is incredibly hard to see most of the time, due to the fact that it is a pure, transparent white cloud of gas, looking incredibly like a small bit of fog. The cloud itself takes up about as much space as half a Navi, and floats about two feet off the ground. Once it has copied a Navi, their head will be smiling innocently, as if to lull the opponent into a false sense of security. This, however, usually doesn't work.

V2: Ectoplakra

HP: 200

Appearance: Ectoplakra is a step up from the Ectoplata, and a lot easier to spot. The Ectoplakra is a clear, bright blue, unlike its predecessor, and is translucent instead of transparent. It is about the size of an ordinary NormalNavi, maybe a little larger. They can also be floating at any level, also unlike the Ectoplata. A blue sky is the perfect camouflage for an Ectoplakra. The Navi it has copied's face will be smirking evilly inside it, as to throw its target off guard.

V3: Ectopredator

HP: 270

Appearance: Ectopredator is by far the easiest to spot out of all the Ecto family, in the light that is. They are a dark smoggy grey, and almost opaque. They can also float as high as they want, but can't use the sky as a way of ambushing unwary Navis. They have to rely on overwhelming them with power and agility alone. The face of the Navi it copies will be hard to see, but will always be twisted to such a degree that the Navi itself would have a hard time imitating the face in the Ectopredator.

Chips coming soon, or when I feel like it anyway. Comments?