Virus: Tortiz, Tortizzy, Tortizzle
HP: 100, 200, 300
DMG: 40, 80, 120

Looks like a turtleshell with no head. Its head is actually pulled in and its cover/forehead blends in with the rest of its shell. It has a long snake-like neck that's only seen when it attacks.

Attack Description:
It performs a headbutt and tries to bite its target. Obstacles struck are instantly destroyed; Depending on the obstacle, the head may continue through it during a single attack. If it connects with anything else, the head bites down and the virus retracts its neck to drag in its quarry. It will not release its grip until it loses at least a quarter of its health (25, 50, 75). It continues to deal quarter damage to the bitten target for every turn until then (10, 20, 30).

Special Effects:
Ironbody is active while head is retracted. Attacking the exposed head causes only half-damage. Very heavy and immovable via wind effects or Rageclaw.

Chip: Snapper1, Snapper2, Snapper3
DMG: 60, 100, 140

Fires a biting Tortiz head attached to a wire that deals breaking damage. After the head latches onto something, the wire retracts to either drag in the target or pull the navi forward. Can remain indefinitely after wire retracts.