A new metool begining: Ninbowool!



Hp: 30

Appearance: A virus very similar to the normal everyday metool. It is a cross between a metool, ninja, and... um something else.

*Ka-rushed-spriting(link)* (By the way, can I keep changing the sprite? It is in prototype mode but I want to change it more.)

Attack: see my sprite, in short... the Nibowool has three attacks.
1. The sword on his back will slide out of view then a long steel sword will stab out.
2. The scarf will de-data, then three of those thingies you see in Naruto will re-data and then stab at three locations, the farther the weaker, the closer the stronger, can be controlled, dmg depends on mod.
3. When one Ninbowool is the last of a pack of viruses, it will have a 10% chance of doing a great megastab attack, yet again, the closer the stronger, etc, but it will do 10 more dmg than the other range attack. (But mod still chooses.)(*May get rid of this attack, two is good enough in my book, but... you know, I am more of a NAVI attack making girl, so it makes sense that my viruses will have lots of attacks as well.)

You need a CHIP. This is a Virus/Chip COMBO contest.

As such, I can't add your entry to the poll for the judging. Sorry.