Celtae and Druid Flame

Alright, since making a new topic for the chip AND the virus seemed odd and cluttering, I figured I'd just make one for both. It looks better that way and, as they come in a pair, my hope is for them both to be accepted.



Hp: 100

Appearance: A short, black robe with a hood. There is a band of silver rune characters along the bottom of the robe, the end of the hood, and along each sleeve. The face of the Celtae resembles that of a Metool, a pure black, featureless sphere, but they have glowing golden eyes. In reality, beneath the robe is only the orb-like head. It keeps the robe and itself aloft using the knowledge it has gained from communing with the Net. When it attacks, its eyes shine brighter and, if an element is used, change one of four different colors: Blue, Yellow, Green or Red. All in all, they give off an aura that is both mysterious and cute.

Attack: Summons a pillar of sapphire flames that erupt from below the Navi. This attack has high accuracy and is quite difficult to dodge. The Celtae can also spend a turn meditating to commune with Nature. This gives the pillar an elemental attribute, always the opposite of its target. (40 DMG, high accuracy, has an elemental attribute only after spending a turn to meditate)

Background: The Celtae are an evolved version of the typical Metool. They are the viral descendants of Metool who threw down their pickaxes and hardhats, and with them the oppression of the other, stronger viruses. They migrated to the wilds of the Net, communing with the true nature of the Net and becoming one with it.

Drops: Zenny, Druid Flame BattleChip

Stronger versions would be Celtae Adept and Celtae Elder respectively.


Druid Flame ~ The Navi creates a pillar of sapphire flames that erupt from under the target. (80 Null DMG, A Accuracy.) If the target has an elemental attribute, the Navi can spend an action meditating to change the damage to the opposite element.

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RULE 2: Post a new thread for each entry. There is no particular format to post entries in, but if the information is hard to read (i.e. if it's embedded in a massive wall of text) it may decrease your chances of winning.

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PS: It's really really hard to image a serious Mets TT^TT *Grabs and hugs the nearest Met*
Yes, it does say that, but it is going to cause SO much clutter. And, what if it just means that, when a new contest opens, you create a new thread instead of updating this one? And who said they were serious? They are merely one with the "Nature of the Net". I imagine the females dancing in a circle, singing, while the males chant in harmony. And then come the Navi sacrifices... <.<
True...But I was just trying to halp Q_Q

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And I thank you...I was going to ask Kazu about it before I posted, but I figure I'll just wait for the reprimand if I am wrong. Also, any other thoughts on the BattleChip/Virus?
It's just so weird to see a magic-Met o_o;; AND WITHOUT THE HARDHAT >_<!!!

Anyhow, it looks like a deliciously hard virii~
I wish I could draw...Lemme see what I can do. And yeah, it is an odd idea for people so used to the normal Metool, but it just struck me as really cool.
Sweet...NOW ABOUT MY VIRUS!! *Drags Zanallen to my topic*
Here is an incredibly crappy paint rendition.

Though, it kind of gives an idea of what I have in mind, minus the cuteness and the mysteriousness. Oh well.
Err...If you wan't cute, I have an idea~

Let's think about it for a little. You said the Celtaes are decendants of mets, right? So they still must be super small XD. Just try to make a floating cloak without all the arms and leg effects and view the Celtaes like a pac-man ghost X3 jkjk.

Now to add the cuteness, just make the eyes into the infamous "Black Mage Eyes", long and oval (I mean, C'mon. Don't you think Vivi is cute~). Since they don't have any arms, you can make an effect by saying the eye suddenly glows in somesort of color and summons the pillar~

I hope that helped.
Hey, that's pretty interesting...Yes...Inspiration strikes. Once moment please.

Alright, they keep the robe as is, but they have no body. They are just a floating Metool head kept aloft by the powers of the Net.
Sweet :3 Gladtohelpya~

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And so, I have been declared correct. Now, I would make stats for the V2 and V3 of my virus, but I figure it would be a moot point if it is never approved. Also, this is officially open to discussion so I want to see some input people. Comments? Criticism? Do you like my pants?
Really sweet, but seems a bit strong. My opinion on a 'mascot' virus, is that its versatile, awesome, and easily upgradable. That's what I had in mind when I designed my Binard. Not that this isn't better, mind.
Nah, i like this one. It's like a mini chibi black mage^^ I can see it beeing a pretty badass virii. just one question, Can i keep one as a pet? its that awesome. In fact, i wanna draw a sketch of it right now!
This has to be my favorite virus. I hope it wins.