Dragomaw virus/chip

I wanna join in!

Virus: Dragomaw v1/v2/v3

v1 is black, v2 is crimson, and v2 is gold. Their eyes are yellow for v1 and v2, with v3's eyes being dark red.

HP: 50/90/130

Attack: Chomp: Dragomaw uses it's mighty jaws to crunch down on its target. Pretty obvious. Damages for the different versions are 20, 40 and 60 respectively. The attack is relatively easy to avoid; a simple side or back step can foil this single minded attack. Each version of the virus has a faster movement speed than its predecessors, however, making the simple act of dodging more and more difficult as you climb up the ladder.

Background: This odd viruses have started sprouting up all over the 'Net ever since the emergence of the Cyber Beast Drauchen. Though no direct correlation has been found, one has to believe that the two are connected in some way. Not particularly menacing in individual numbers, flocks of these draconic viruses can give even the most experienced of virus busters a run for their money.

Chip: Dragon Chomp v1/v2/v3: The head of a Dragomaw virus appears and replaces the hand of the Navi who activated the chip. Once activated, the head can then be "punched" into a foe, whereupon it will deliver one of the Dragomaw's signature, bone-crushing crunches. Each version does 40, 80 and 120 damage respectively.

So, whatcha think?
I like the design, and curse you for drawing out your virus before I got a sketch of Cooptain down. XD

I would suggest maybe buffing a few things here and there. The chip should be powered up a bit, but I think the virus needs major buffing, at least for the later forms. If he was intended to be fairly weak, it actually would be kind of interesting to have a first level guy with low HP but 2x the attack of an average metool. I'd just suggest to you that the basis for level 3 viruses should be around 200 HP or more with around 100 or more attack.