Anthony and Brawler

Name: Anthony
NetNavi: Brawler.EXE
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6'0", Asian, glasses, short black hair, some stubble. No sense of fashion and practically wear anything he finds in his closet. Green shirts, purple pants, whatever fits. Most of his clothes were given as presents and as such, don't go together very well.
Personality: Very introverted and shy. He's very determined in doing things that interest him but is generally lazy. Mainly interested in making Brawler.EXE as strong as possible and spends a lot of money to do so. Calm and collected, he doesn't usually lose his cool although he harbours deep grudges against those he doesn't like.
PET Modifications: None.

Name: Brawler.EXE
Operator: Anthony
Gender: Male
Type: Break

A navi with broad shoulders, large, muscular arms and a constant toothy grin. His crest has a picture of a fist. A metal cover is bolted to his head covering his eyes allowing him to deliver stronger headbutts at the cost of his vision. He wears a belt with a golden buckle that has the letter W on it. His gloves have studs at the knuckles and a small metal backing. Two metallic, segmented clasps decorate the sides of his abdomen. His arms from his shoulders down to his wrists are 'unclothed'.
Personality: He exhibits an extremely fierce competitive nature and may possibly be insane. Defeating his opponents by his own hands is his only concern in battle. Wrestlerman doesn't use guns, bombs or swords conventionally. By taking apart the raw chip data, he's able to power his physical attacks by that same amount and get similar characteristics from them. He only uses punching chips normally as well as his signature moves to attack. However, this means that he needs to get in close to attack.
Custom Weapon: His fists, capable of assimilating chip data. ((Purely RP))
Signature Attacks:
- Headbutt -
He grabs his opponent and smashes his forehead into the face of his target.
40 damage and stun.
(3-turn cooldown)

((Legacy Items: the sig vouchers and hp+50 customizer block))
You still need a description for you navi, even if you have a picture, I believe.
I suppose it's fine. As long as the chip assimulation thing doesn't get in the way, go for it. Just one more thing: Can you add a bit more to the netop description, like what sort of things he'd commmonly wear?
Stun is 1 action.


GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1

If not, comment here and we'll work from there.
I don't understand. Do you mean that 40 damage and stun costs 2 actions altogether?
No, stun takes off one action from opponent.
Right, that's fine.

So if there are no more problems, I assume this has already been accepted.