Arata Takasugi and Demiseman.exe


Name: Arata Takasugi

Age: 17

Gender: Male:


Arata has long white hair, usually tied in a ponytail. However, on a really hot day or if he's swimming, you can catch it when it's down; a rare feat indeed. His pupils are white, a birth defect, although it has no negative affects on his vision whatsoever; in fact, his eyesight is very impressive. He wears black clothes, with his cellphone attached to a lanyard, as he sometimes listens to the MP3 player within.

His shirt collar covers the bottom half of his face, but strangely his voice isn't muffled very much. Baggy black shorts with a yellow wristband to offset his already "fashionable" appearance.

Personality: Arata is A quiet person, usually blending in with the crowd with his earbuds in his ears listening to music and drowning out the said crowd. Not one for words, he usually won't talk until spoken to first, and tends to be by himself a lot. His distanced attitude may be stemmed from childhood, where he was abandoned on a park bench after birth, and bounced around from one foster family to the next until he turned 16 and was able to move out on his own. He works part time in a music shop to support his apartment bill, and seldomly shows up at school, not being one to fit in with the "popular clicke."

He can seem like a bit of a jerk, since when he does speak, it's in a very frank manner, but he can be easy to get along with.... If you stay near him long enough to realise it, that is. Note: He tends to ignore people a lot when he has his headphones in. If he doesn't acknowledge your existence, don't be TOO upset....



Name: Demiseman.EXE

Element: Normal

Subtype: Shadow


Demiseman has a simple design; black armor and chestplate with red wrists and anklets, and the top half of his helmet is as well painted in this fiery colour. His abdominal section is a silverish grey, accompanied by his arms and thighs, helps set similarity between him and his operator. Demiseman has emerald eyes, that seem misplaced on a cold individual such as himself. With a relaxed expression on his face, not showing much emotion at all... if he has any to begin with.... that is.

Personality: Much like his operator, Demiseman is a navi of few words, although he can be considered more harsh than Arata verbally. Demiseman is a loner by all means and terms, and dislikes having , or working with, other navi's, but he deals with it if it's his operator's commands.

Demiseman is completely loyal, and has no qualms if he's used for good or evil, an aspect that is discussed rather frequently by teachers. He rarely smiles, and even if he laughs, it is a somewhat creepy chortle that sounds like he's mocking the thing he's amused by, normally a "heh" sound followed by an a-hole'ish sneer. He can be tolerable, and even friendly....ish, if he deems you worthy in a battle or if you're clearly stronger than him. He somewhat lies his values in darwinism, where the strong deserve to live and the weak can just be deleted.

Custom weapon: Demiseman weilds a Long, and very menacing scythe. It adds a "reaper" image to his already darkly visage, and actually accords with his style of battle. Which is normally espionage, information gathering, and assasinations. The generator in the pole can generate a long energy beam, that can cleave almost any substance in two, if weilded by the right navi. This completes his character as the "shadowy assasin" outlook.

Signature attack: (Cost: 60 + 30 Nerf Cap) (40 Null + Life Drain + Slashing + Take Aim, Side Effect: Slow, 3 TCD)

Blood Moon

Demiseman.EXE charges at the target, slashing downward in a linear fashion in an attempt to hit the opponent. Using the energy from the blade of his scythe to drain the energy of his opponent, it runs through the blade into into himself, regaining lost energy and replenishing lost hp.

(Kudos and credit to PaladinGC for help with the sig attack.)
Looks good, assuming the lack of a PET Modifications section means Arata has a completely normal PET. Just pick from one of the following NaviCustomizer programs for your starter pack and you'll be good to go:

HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Metal, Set Magnet, Set Glass, or ResetStage.
Snaps... forgot about that one.

PET modifications: Black, with red and grey trimming, and..... it has a... nightlight!

And i'll choose......... shield ^^;;
Done, approved, welcome aboard.

GET CHIP: Shotgun, Cannon, Rageclaw
GET NCP: Undershirt, Shield
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack x2