New Pair!

(I missed every single one of you, and love all of you equally.)

Name: Allen "Dome" Domzalski

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dome is six foot, lightly tan, blue eyes, and has soft brown hair that reaches down to his collar bone, he stays clean shaven. Dome usually wears his hair pulled into a bun when he is controlling his Navi in battle.

His apparel consists of a pair of tight fitting black jeans held up by a solid white belt. Also he wears a predominantly gray flannel that has red vertical stripes and some blue stripes thrown in. Finally he wears a pair of red lace less slip-on shoes with no socks for his own comfort. He owns a green army jacket with no patches that he wears during the colder months or when he visits the more snowy locations.

He keeps a hair band, cheap watch/ timer and a wristband that holds his battle chips on his right wrist.

Personality: Self-confidence is what sums up Dome perfectly. Oozing with self-confidence in his own and his Navi's abilities and skills, he feels that they are always up to the challenge whether he has prepared or not. One of his favorite quotes is one he made up himself "Victory is achieved by being 100% mentally confident in your skills." He isn't overly ambitious though and sometimes lacks motivation. Always staying ever self-confident in his skill set even while he isn't achieving any goals; Dome may be cursed to mediocrity as an operator because of this.

PET Modifications: Dome's PET is three different colors, those being red, white, and blue. The Navi emblem that is in the middle of the PET is a solid gold emblem.

Name: Mercurial "Merc"

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Subtype: Speed

Appearance: Mercurial's swept back dark blonde hair is pulled behind his ears and his bangs only slightly fall into his face. He wears a headband that is solid red, and his navi symbol of a solid gold circle is placed on the left side of the headband.

Mercurial's appearance is very humanoid, so he has no distinct alterations in his appearance. He is very athletic, and wears a solid red shirt that has four symmetrical panels on his arms. He has one panel on each of his biceps and one panel on each of his forearms. His bicep panels are solid white with his navi symbol on his left bicep, and his forearm panels are solid blue. His pants are tight black leggings that have two thick red stripes down the side of his legs.

Merucrial's footwear is very special because it is where a lot of his signature attacks are based from. His shoes are a red white and blue pattern, the heels of his shoes are red, the middle by his ankle is white and the toes are blue. The soles of his shoes are white, and his shoe laces are white also.

Personality: Mercurial has a personality that isn't as self-confident as his operator; he tends to be more level headed about his speed and skills. He tries to stay level headed and relaxed, but his competitiveness can come out in the worst of times. He does enjoy being challenged by his competitors and someday hopes to find someone he feels that will challenge his speed.

Custom Weapon: Mercurial wields a standard javelin that he throws at his enemies. If the situation calls for it, he will also use it as a close range weapon.

Signature Attack 1:
Cleated: The bottom of Mercurial's running shoes suddenly becomes covered with tiny half-inch spikes. He gets a running start and propels himself in the air with his javelin to land on his enemy spikes first.
Damage: 40 Null
Explanation: 40 damage, single target, 1 Turn Cool Down.

Signature Attack 2:
Shot-Put: Mercurial creates a heavy spherical object in his hand, that he then launches at his opponent. If the sphere hits, his opponent will then take damage.
Damage 20 Null
Explanation: 20 damage, single target, 1 Turn Cool Down

Navi-Cust piece: Hp+50
Battle Chip: FireHit1
Hey Wooga! A few things to do before this is approved...

1) Per this topic, you may choose from a list of NCP programs and a single battle chip to supplement your folder.

2) Your sig should have one turn cool down, since only when you surpass 40 does tcd go up to 2. You also have 20 points left to invest in something else, if you'd like. Thanks.
I hope I made the correct changes, I wasn't sure if I could choose a different element as my chip.
It's cool, you can choose any of the chips listed. Also, approved! Be sure to post your sheets up in information databases and also to update your forum signature before you start RPing.

GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1, FireHit1 x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP +50