Hippie the Happy Goth and Torrent.EXE

New pair, here we go!


Name: Hippie the Happy Goth (Noelle Whalen)
Age: Early adulthood
Gender: Female
Appearance: Though short for her age, Hippie's attitude to the world can make her seem larger than life. Her bright eyes can flicker from dull sea-blue to a vivid sapphire when her mood sways.

Her trim yet gangly physique is topped by a black turtleneck, the sleeves of which often reach past her hands. A short, immensely frilly black skirt barely covers slightly frayed denim shorts, which themselves poorly contain pink fishnet stockings. Her feet are hidden within two fortress-like black boots, covered in spikes and buttresses with the leftmost being awkwardly painted a slapdash silver. A belt with a happily smiling skull face, crossed by the words "punk" and "goth", lopsidedly hangs from her waist.

Hippie's mold-black hair is irregularly streaked with vibrant colours, mainly eye-searing violet with lashings of yellow. Half the fringe pulls down over her right eye with gel parting the centre, allowing her to peer through a monocle of hair. The length at the back is pulled into a tight ponytail and dyed white, lolling ungainly down towards her derrière.

Personality: Chipper and optimistic, Hippie tries to look on the bright side of life despite her stylistic choices. She faces every new day as a new opportunity to make people's lives a little brighter. When it comes to fights, Hippie is reluctant to confront her friends but is well versed in busting viruses.

Her previously dark outlook was changed forever when she lent a small schoolchild an umbrella during a downpour. Overwhelmed by the raw feelings of gratitude, Hippie decided to dedicate the rest of her life to doing good for others. She regularly volunteers for charity events and works part-time at a cafe while she develops her writing career.

PET Modifications: A little battered through frequent fumblings, Hippie's PET sports a stylish silver chrome and black plastic colouring marred by the reckless use of glittery animal stickers. A bulky guitar-shaped peripheral giddily attached to the device transforms the PET into a haphazard combination of megaphone, sub-woofer and air-horn.


Name: Torrent.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Cursor

Appearance: Torrent's body shape is based on a slightly short, well-toned young woman. She wears a grass-green, one-piece bathing suit, dark-green gloves and boots and a thin, sleeveless, unbuttoned, collared, sea-blue swimming jacket. Smooth, emerald-coloured glass protectors, the insides of which are filled with Torrent's liquid electricity, are attached to the back of her gloves and the tops of her boots. A system of piping runs through the protectors, connecting them all to the dome-shaped, glass energy pack on her back. A metallic-blue strip circles her head just above her eyebrows. Beyond that is a forest of tubes fixed into her crown, similar to the protector piping. The tubes pass down from her head into her backpack, resembling dreadlocks. All of Torrent's clothes have small nozzles embedded in them, from the material of her jacket to the belly of her suit to the fingertips on her gloves. These are used to create bubbles containing Torrent's liquid electricity for offensive or defensive purposes. Torrent's symbol is displayed on her bathing suit just above her breast.

Personality: Torrent is the hero of the hour, a master of warfare and cunning enough to outsmart the foxiest fox! Foes will tremble in her wake and the stalwart flee from her very presence! No program, virus or corrupt monster is safe from Torrent's raging might!

Just not in an actual fight.

Below the bravado, Torrent's cowardice is in proportion to her enormous boasts. Flinching, shrieking and diving from even the lightest of danger is her experience with net battling and prefers to keep her distance from her opponents. If she feels in control the bluster reasserts itself, developing a flip-flopping perspective of the world around her. Considering herself weak, Torrent feels discontent with herself and seeks to become stronger and make her mark on the internet world.

Custom Weapon: "Torrent Finger:" When using her buster, Torrent fires bubbles filled with liquid electricity from the nozzles on the tips of her fingertips. A charged blast is a bigger bubble.

--Type Abilities--

Marksmanship (Passive): Increased accuracy by 1 rank with Shot type attacks, even when under the influence of status down effects. Accuracy with Shot type attacks can surpass A rank.

Snipe: Add Seeking to the next action as a free action. (Once Per Turn)

--Signature Attacks--

Hydro Power: Torrent inflates a bubble using the nozzles on her clothes, encapsulating herself inside a protective barrier of liquid electricity. When struck at close range the bubble discharges its stored energy, emitting a static pulse that knocks back a nearby foe. This only activates once, but the barrier remains until overwritten or destroyed. (50 HP Barrier + Counter (Melee Hit): Knockback) = 60 Sig Points)


0 zenny.
2 MiniEnergy Subchips.
Battlechips: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw, Marublaster1
NaviCust: Undershirt and Shield.

--Navi Stats--

100 HP
3 Actions
1/1/1 Buster Stats
60 Signature Points.
40 NaviCust Points.
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